A Dog’s Life by Craig Bullock

Image courtesy of Penguin Random House New Zealand

I am a self confessed dog lover and this latest offering by Craig Bullock, photographer of Quake Dogs, written in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes, is a real cracker.

A Dog’s Life is a collection of heart-warming stories of everyday New Zealand dogs. The author has divided his book into sections — adventure dogs, city dogs, farm dogs, lap dogs and expedition dogs. There are also culture dogs, companion dogs, country dogs and champion dogs. Each has a story to tell and a picture or two which illustrates the dog. It gives an oversight to just where dogs fit into New Zealand life, be it smart city block or high country station.

This is a stunning book, the reader can pick it up, read a segment or two and then put it down to be picked up again at a later time.

Well done to Craig Bullock, who also volunteers for K9 Rescue and Rehoming, where he photographs dogs looking for new homes. If you have a dog lover in the family or looking for a long-lasting gift, this is the book for you.

Published by Penguin Random House New Zealand
ISBN: 978–1–7753–811–0