If You Want to Succeed, Avoid This Mistake

Could this be the reason that is blocking your success?

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You might have spent a lot of time thinking about success or reading about success and how to become successful. After all, it is a natural and healthy desire to want to achieve, accomplish, and succeed.

What is success?

Success is as simple as achieving a goal as planned. For example, you study for 2 years to get a diploma. If you do so, and you obtain your diploma, you have succeeded in attaining your goal.

Success is relative to your goal. Some people would not consider you successful until you get a job or start a business using the skills you have learned during your studies. Others would not consider you successful until you make a lot of money. Thus, success should be strictly linked to you, not others.

Define your goals

You need a clear vision to think and set intentions. After that, once your vision is clear enough, start creating a plan. The next steps are action taking and consistent work.

If you have already learned a lot of information about success from different sources, what prevents you from being successful today?

You might be in the process of your own journey towards success. There is no problem with taking your time and enjoying the process.

Yet, the truth is that success is determined by results.

The results.

Perfectionism is the mistake

Especially if you are a writer, you cannot beat perfectionism unless you start producing imperfect work. Decide that today you are going to write something simple and imperfect. Allow yourself to be human, imperfect.

When you say: “I’m not perfect.”, you already challenge your ego. The ego wants you to be the best and perform your tasks in the best ways, otherwise, it will not consider you as good enough. But, “the best” for the ego is an endless loop. Put your ego aside. Just be “normal”, not perfect, and not seeking perfection.

Perfectionism wastes your time and drains you

You spend time thinking and overthinking about what the best idea for a blog article could be before you even write a word. Then, you spend a lot of time doubting that idea, and you end up thinking that probably it is not the best idea. You end up changing it.

Where is the problem here?

The problem is not the idea.

The problem is in the curse of perfectionism that keeps chasing you to rob you of the instant pleasure of success — getting things done.

Trust your idea, start writing, and revise your work. After you hit the publish button, you will have succeeded in writing and publishing an article in no time. You overcome perfectionism by completing your project regardless of how perfect it is.

However, if you are always stuck in the production phase, chances are you are consumed by procrastination that presents itself in a million self-doubt thoughts clouding your mind.

God loves you. God loves your ideas. Trust God. Trust your abilities. Say NO to perfectionism. Take action, and complete a project or a task today. If you do this regularly, you stay always in alignment with success.

If the voice of perfectionism whispers to you: “Your work doesn’t look good enough.”, respond: “I love it anyway. Thank you!”.

Remember that:

The most successful people do not believe in perfectionism, and they have never been perfect.

Write something imperfect today. Try to imperfectly complete a task today. Get something done imperfectly. It will help you get in the flow more easily.

I hope this article helps you overcome your procrastination, hence your perfectionism. Let me know what you think about perfectionism in the comments.

Thank you for reading!

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