Issue #17: Independence Day Issue

Rodney B. Murray
Jul 10 · 5 min read

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves. ~Abraham Lincoln

It’s the July 4th Holiday and many of us are on vacation. I’m giving myself a break and using this as an occasion to recap the last 16 issues especially for those who missed an issue or are recent subscribers to the GOOD NEWSletter. We have a lot to be optimistic about, even in the current divisive political climate. Take this to the beach or lake for an uplifting read. You can read it on Facebook too.

So here we go, in chronological order:

Issue #1 — The Backstory

Learn about my motivation for putting together this labor of love and the origin of the idea for my logo.

Issue #2 — Food for Thought

Learn how bees with backpacks can help save our food chain, how a new drug may lessen food-bourne anaphylaxis, and how plant-based heme can make your veggie burger taste like real beef!

Photo: Impossible Foods

Issue #3 — The Best Year Ever

Read why 2018 was the best year in history, favorite news from some celebrities, why the world continues to improve, and an inspiring video on what news people searched for in 2018.

Photo credit: Gap Minder

Issue #4 — The Neo-biology Revolution

Find how pigs, cocktails, and light can help improve our health. Finally, watch one of the founders of Wired Magazine who is spreading the word about neo-biology.

Photo credit: New York Times

Issue #5 — Healthy Gadgets

This week I cover a few of the most interesting “healthy gadgets” including a device that tells you when it’s time to pee, an airbag for your hips, and an AI controlled hearing aid.

Photo credit: Helite

Issue #6 — Time for Optimism

Do you still subscribe to magazines? If not, I bet you only read them in doctor’s offices. That’s where I saw the latest issue of Time Magazine, a special issue on The Art of Optimism. Of course, I couldn’t resist sharing it.

Credit: Time Magazine

Issue #7 — Anti-Cancer Tech

In this issue, learn how breast cancer cells can be tricked into turning into harmless fat, how “off the shelf” cancer-fighting T cells can be manufactured, and how HPV and cervical cancer can be cured.

Artificial thymic organoid — Credit: UCLA

Issue #8 — Healthy Artificial Intelligence

Last week, I covered some Anti-Cancer Tech, so this week I’ll highlight three recent advances in AI that also promise to keep us healthy. Learn how AI can help design new drugs, spot genetic defects and assist our physicians.

Image credit: Deepmind

Issue #9 — Clean Energy Tech

This issue covers some very intriguing sectors of the energy tech scene — new promising sources of energy, from small to large: nano-materials, plastic waste, and fusion.

Credit: MIT

Issue #10 — Coral Reef Rebound

Now the good news: natural selection favors heat-resistant coral, reefs can be ‘reseeded’, and autonomous drones can help.

Credit: Queensland University of Technology

Issue #11 — Blockchain University

The good news this week is how blockchains can help protect our food supply, keep the Internet free, and provide trustworthy college transcripts and more.

Photo credit: Forbes

Issue #12–3D Printed Body Parts

In this issue, I relay some amazing feats in this area: replacing a patient’s deformed rib with a 3D printed one, restoring the function of a severed spinal cord, and printing a miniature heart with human cells!

Credit: Advanced Science

Issue #13 — EVs Will Save Us

This issue starts with a bold prediction from Elon Musk, highlights some promising new battery tech, and reveals a new source of rare-earth elements that will help make EVs sustainable.

Issue #14 — Brain-Machine Interfaces

In this issue, I relay some significant advances in brain-machine interfaces (BMI) that could enable the mute to speak, quell epileptic seizures, and restore or amplify bodily functions.

Credit: UCSF Department of Neurological Surgery

Issue #15 — Advances in CRISPR Tech

In this issue, I cover the use of this amazing DNA editing technology to help synthesize meat, develop better antibiotics, and vastly accelerate gene editing.

CRISPR RNA-guided surveillance complex (Credit: Boghog)

Issue #16 — Why Add Optimism to Your Life?

In this issue, I’ll highlight reasons to add optimism to your life, how to do it and the science of why it works.

Credit: Life is Good and RYOT Studio

I hope you liked the recap. Please let me know about the topics you would like to see. Have a great holiday weekend.

If you like what I do, consider buying me a cup of coffee.

Optimistically yours,
Rod Murray

The GOOD NEWSletter

I scour the Internet for good news, so you don’t have to! Sign up for the email newsletter at

Rodney B. Murray

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e-Learning executive, podcaster, pharmacologist, motorcyclist and militant optimist

The GOOD NEWSletter

I scour the Internet for good news, so you don’t have to! Sign up for the email newsletter at

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