Issue #66: AI and Lifelong Learning

Rodney B. Murray
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AI: The writer’s digital muse — sparking creativity from code, kindling imagination from algorithms, and painting worlds with binary stardust. ~ChatGPT

Throughout my career, I’ve worked in higher education. It started as a job, but it became my true calling. Now that I’ve retired from academia, continuing to produce this newsletter and my podcast remains a passion of mine.

I’ve always been one of those who jump at the chance to try out the latest tech gadgets. In this newsletter, I’ve been singing praises about using technology to boost our health. But now, I want to share my excitement about AI and how it can be a game-changer in lifelong learning and our health. Think of AI as my creative muse, inspiring me to promote AI as a fantastic tool to help you on your learning journey.

As I researched this issue, I kept coming across “senior citizen,” a designation I hate — especially now that I seem to be categorized as such. So, ChatGPT suggested several alternatives. Which do you like? Just click on one or two links to register your vote(s):

  1. “Seasoned Citizens
  2. “Golden Agers
  3. “Super Adults
  4. “Sages of Society
  5. “Perennials” (as they keep ‘blooming’ again and again, year after year)
  6. “Prime Timers
  7. “Vintage Voyagers

In this issue, I define lifelong learning, review some of its benefits and hint as to what’s to come using AI-powered education.

What is Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is like being back in school, but without the homework, tests, or detention! It’s all about quenching your thirst for knowledge, whether that’s for fun, personal growth, or to show off at your next family trivia night. And the best part? You’re in charge of the what, when, and how of your learning journey.

Credit: Pixlr X — AI Art Generator
Prompt: adults using laptop computers at their kitchen table, digital painting, sketch

Lifelong Learning Benefits

Lifelong learning demolishes the myth that education is only for the young. It emphasizes that age is no barrier to flexing our mental muscles, and with AI tools as our allies, learning can be a personalized, enjoyable journey, paving the way for graceful aging. There are numerous inspiring stories of “seasoned scholars,” from 82-year-olds coding apps to octogenarians getting their master’s degrees.

Not only does lifelong learning act as a mental gym, keeping our brains sharp and memory strong, but it also contributes to our overall happiness. It’s a cocktail of self-esteem, accomplishment, purpose, and social interaction. And contrary to popular belief, science shows us that you can teach an old brain new tricks due to the magic of neuroplasticity. With AI tools offering tailored brain-training exercises and learning resources, it’s like having a personal brain trainer sans the gym attire and yelling.

Credit: Pixlr X — AI Art Generator
Prompt: older adults exercising while looking at a large computer screen, digital painting, sketch

In Summary

Lifelong learning is crucial for all of us, especially those who have reached a more advanced age. As we adapt to modern technology, AI tools such as voice-assisted devices, AI-powered learning apps, and personalized online courses can make learning more accessible and enjoyable.

I plan to cover some of these AI tools and present my experience with one of the best free educational websites I have found that features an AI tutor. New AI tutors provide dedicated personalized learning assistance to students — the holy grail of e-learning technology.

In the next several issues, we’ll dive in and explore how AI can revolutionize the way we learn and grow.

Stay optimistic — it’s better for your health.

Optimistically yours,
Dr. Rod Murray

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P.P.S. As you may already have guessed, some of this text was generated with the help of ChatGPT by OpenAI.

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