The GOOD NEWSletter #3 — The Best Year Ever!

Once again, the world’s population was living longer and living better than ever before. ~Nicolas Kristof

Dear Friends,

Everyone seems to look back on the last year right around now, so I thought I’d do the same and highlight the good news we had in 2018. What? Really? Yes, you heard what I said, “good news.” [Remember, I promised not to cover politics.]

It turns out this year was full of good news! Some of my readers even suggested some sites for good news, so keep your ideas coming and reply to this email to share your tips.

Read why 2018 was the best year in history, favorite news from some celebrities, why the world continues to improve, and an inspiring video on what news people searched for in 2018.

Why 2018 Was the Best Year in Human History!

Nicolas Kristof tries to make the case that 2018 was the best year in human history.

Good News: For the first time each day: about 295,000 people around the world gain access to electricity, another 305,000 can access clean drinking water, and an additional 620,000 people were able to get online.

Caltu Diriba during an Oromo Liberation Front rally in Ethiopia this October. Ethiopia made astounding progress last year against authoritarianism and poor governance. Credit: Tiksa Negeri/Reuters

“Never before has such a large portion of humanity been literate, enjoyed a middle-class cushion, lived such long lives, had access to family planning or been confident that their children would survive,” says Kristof.

Child deaths are becoming far less common. Only about 4 percent of children worldwide now die by the age of 5 — down from 19 percent in 1960 and 7 percent in 2003.


Favorite Good News of 2018

In this article, Kacey Musgraves, Angela Duckworth, Chloe Kim, and José Andrés discuss some of the most inspiring moments of the year.

Good News: Here are their top choices:

  • European Parliament Approves Ban on Single-Use Plastics
  • For Just the Third Time in 117 Years, a Woman Wins the Nobel Prize in Physics
Photo credit: New York Times
  • How Rescuers in a Thai Cave Pulled Off the Impossible
  • Bans on Plastic Straws in Restaurants Expand to More Cities


Seven Reasons Why the World is Improving

Not only do most people not know that the world is becoming a much better place, but they may even think the opposite. It’s not surprising since most news outlets focus on reporting catastrophes every day.

Photo credit: Gap Minder

Good News: Here are seven ways the world is improving:

  1. Life expectancy continues to rise
  2. Child mortality continues to fall
  3. Fertility rates are falling
  4. GDP growth has accelerated in developed countries (see image)
  5. Global income inequality has gone down
  6. More people are living in democracies
  7. Conflicts are on the decline


See the Good the World Searched for in 2018

According to Google: In a year of ups and downs, the world searched for “good” more than ever before … From the epic headlines to the everyday moments, here’s to all the good that people discovered in 2018.

View Google — Year in Search 2018 Video

See what I mean? There was good news in 2018. Unfortunately, years ago the major networks made their News departments a profit center. Turns out that broadcasting the daily outrage draws a broader audience.

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