Goodfellas Doctrine Update

Imperial Decree: “Imran Rule”

Situation: Imran “accidentally” dropped the LA Chargers DEF. He stated that he was not awake and this drop occurred at sometime around 7:30am on that week’s Sunday. He texted me and informed me that he did not drop this DEF and requested this DEF be added back. I took it upon myself to add the DEF back and create the “Imran Rule”.
Ruling: You may add a player back to your roster in the event this player is accidentally dropped. You cannot drop said player and add another player and use this rule.
You can only use this once per season. You have 12 hours from timestamp on which this player was dropped. You must text the commissioner.
Example: I accidentally drop Player 1 and pickup Player 2 and I want to use this rule to add Player 1 back to my team, I would be ineligible because I picked up Player 2.

Leage Proposal: SACKO Punishment

Proposal: Increase punishments for finishing last place in the regular season and for ending the season in the SACKO Bowl. All proceeds go to funding the following year’s draft party. Last place must take an embarrassing photo.
Ruling: Retain $50 penalty for finishing as regular season SACKO.
$100 penalty for “winning” the SACKO Bowl
$50 penalty for “2nd place” in the SACKO Bowl
$25 penalty for “3rd place” in the SACKO Bowl
Embarrassing photo is taken and stored offline. Will not appear in any social media.

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