Goodfellas Week 12 Recap

Week 12 sets up the Goodfellas for an exciting end to regular season

Week 13 Playoff Situation

1st Overall
With a dominating win Fixn’ 4 a Mixon secures overall number 1 and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.
2nd, 3rd, and 4th
ImRams and Flex On Sackos go into the final week tied however ImRams owns the tie breaker, therefore Flex on Sackos must win and hope that ImRams lose to steal 2nd.
If Flex on Sackos loses to Jerry Fried Rice and Steely Nick wins against DAVID CARResh, Steely Nick will take 3rd and Flex on Sackos falls to 4th. Steely Nick will need to outscore Flex on Sackos by 4.68 and win.
5th and 6th
Despite only being one game ahead, Steely Nick will not drop down to 5th if he loses as he has a 130 point advantageover No Longer a Wonder.
No Longer a Wonder will secure the 5th overall seed with a win against Fixin’ 4 a Mixon. No Longer a Wonder will miss the playoffs if he loses, and both KerryOnMyWaywardSon and Julian PEDelman win. If he loses he can only stay in if he outscores KerryOnMyWaywardSon.
Julian PEDelman has the ability to move up to 5th with a win and a No Longer a Wonder loss. He will remain in 6th if he and No Longer a Wonder both win in Week 13, as he has a 50 point lead on 7th place KerryOnMyWaywardSon. Its win or go home for Julian PEDelman.
KerryOnMyWaywardSon can only make the playoffs he wins and No Longer a Wonder or Julian PEDelman loses. If he wins, and both team lose, he will be the 5th. If one wins and one loses he will be 6th.
Gone Fishing can only make the playoffs if he wins and Julian PEDelman and KerryonMyWaywardSon both lose.
I’ll write about this later

Made Men
ImRams: 148.64
Julian PEDelman: 147.98
Fixin’ 4 a Mixon: 142.64

Sleeping with the Fishes
NewEnglanClamCrowder: 79.46
Scraped: 80.22
KerryonMyWaywardSon: 88.80

KerryonMyWaywardSon (88.80) vs. Fixin’ 4 a Mixon (142.64)

Gone Fishing (132.52) vs. DAVID CARResh (93.62)

Flex On Sackos (107.54) vs. No Longer a Wonder (91.32)

ImRams (148.64) vs. NewEnglanClamCrowder (79.46)

Julian PEDelman (147.98) vs. Steely Nick (102.72)

Jerry Fried Rice (102.88) vs. Scraped (80.22)