Goodfellas Week 9 Recap

Week 9 turned out to be the week of the SACKO as three of our future participants capitalized on down weeks for playoff contenders.

Whats more annoying? Fixin’ 4 a Mixon wanting a recap or The Two Loss Wonder’s self-loathing that he’s dropped two in a row?

Before we begin the matchup recap DAVID CARResh has as proposal:
What: Renaming The Dons to the “PEE WEEs” and The Slayers to SACKOs.
Why: They’re funny
Benefit: Added humor to the lifespan of the league

Made Men
Julian PEDelman: 133.28
Fixin’ 4 a Mixon: 126.22
ImRams: 119.34

Sleeping with the Fishes
Scraped: 75.86
Jerry Fried Rice: 85.26
The One Lost Wonder: 90.16

KerryonMyWaywardSon (96.74) vs. NewEnglanClamCrowder (103.30)
In what looked to be a steamroll opportunity for KerryonMyWaywardSon actually turned out to be a sandbag week for NewEnglanClamCrowder. Mike Evans’ one catch on 10 targets crushed KerryonMyWaywardSon’s chance to move up the rankings this week. Looks like NewEnglanClamCrowder won’t have to change his name to Gone Sailing just yet. I think Still Docked is a viable option.

Gone Fishing (103.44) vs. Steely Nick (91.44)
Biggest upset of the week goes to Gone Fishing. A dismal managerial decision to start David Carr spiked Steely Nick’s chances this week. Dropping two in a row, Steely Nick falls to 4th place. Gone Fishing has had great success on his recent fishing trips but still finds himself irrelevant and in the SACKO Bowl.

Flex on Sackos (97.48) vs. Julian PEDelman (133.28)
Last week’s hero is this week’s zero. Flex on Sackos loses to the one SACKO to rule them as Julian PEDelman walks all over him in Week 9. Truly a missed opportunity for Flex on Sackos to move up the rankings with Mr. Garcia’s second loss in a row. Julian PEDelman is still a SACKO.

ImRams (119.34) vs. Jerry Fried Rice (85.26)
Watching football from a different timezone looks to be working out for ImRams as he glides to a relaxing victory over Jerry Fried Rice. ImRams moves into third overall and first in The Dons. Jerry Fried Rice drops yet another week but hopes to turn it around in Week 10 against the fisherman.

The One Loss Wonder (90.16) vs. Fixin’ 4 a Mixon (126.22)
Now The Two Loss Wonder, The One Loss Wonder finds himself in a state of confusion, wondering what has happened during this fall from grace. His loss to rival Fixin’ 4 a Mixon is just the first of two matchups this year. Taking over the throne for biggest Jabroni in the league, Fixin’ 4 a Mixon is the king of the schoolyard. The Mixon train will continue to roll into Week 10.

DAVID CARResh (96.60) vs. Scraped (75.86)
Coming into the season with high expectations, Scraped falls flat in Week 9. Pour one beer bong out for the boys. DAVID CARResh rolls along for his second win in a row. Despite being tied for in the W-L column for 6th, his poor outing in Week 1 will hurt him in the tie breaker. He needs to continue his success otherwise he’ll be writing memes in the SACKO Bowl.