Preseason Power Ranks

After finishing with the highest Draft Grade, Steely Nick is projected to finish at an almost perfect 13–1. His move to keep David Johnson proves to be the decisive factor which projects him to be a cut above the rest. SACKO looks to make a comeback with his move to keep Todd Gurley, just a 5th round keeper, to separate himself from the pack at a projected 12–2. These two teams look to be the cream of the crop for the 2016 season.

Both title contenders from last year, Slob on my Cobb and Watermelon Heads are projected to finish in 8th and 10th respectively. It looks that these former title contenders are projected to fall on hard times after a successful campaign in 2015.

  1. Steely Nick 13–1
  2. SACKO 12–2
  3. ImRams 9–5
  4. #JordiesACLfund 9–5
  5. Flex on Nerds 7–7
  6. Good Guy Joe Flacco 6–8
  7. Check My Balls 5–9
  8. Watermelon Heads 4–10
  9. Can’t Stop The Gront 3–11
  10. Slob on my Cobb 2–12