The Gossamer — April 19, 2016

Welcome to The Gossamer for Tuesday, April 19, 2016. It is Primary Day in New York State, and on this important day in the 2016 election cycle, this publication is pleased to announce that it endorses Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.

Choosing Hillary was not an easy decision to make. I applaud Senator Bernie Sanders, his team, and his supporters for bringing to light the caustic issues in our nation, such as the need for campaign finance reform, affordable higher education, and corporate welfare. And I admire his decades of service to the United States, not only as a senator, but also as a congressman, activist, and public advocate. Senator Sanders’ heart is in the right place, and his presidential campaign has been nothing if not spirited.

Three key factors drew me towards Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. The first two — experience and policy — should not come as a surprise. The many self-proclaimed Democrats whom I’ve talked to over the past few months have also lauded S Clinton for these reasons. Not only do her policies line up with those during this administration which have helped boost our country’s economy and lower its unemployment rate, but she has ideas of her own which could help to keep these policies intact, if not evolve them. Not only that, but she has the experience in all levels of government in order to carry out her agendas. I believe that not only will she use her knowledge of policy and politicking to excel in the Oval Office, but that she will build a fine team of cultured experts to put together the pieces of a functional administration.

The third and final factor that drew me towards Hillary is grace. No other politician in this race can match up to her level of poise and dignity, even in situations where dignity is not applicable. Over the course of her political career, she has weathered so many storms and has battled so many demons, and yet she has returned stronger after every setback.

(Ed. Note: See her interview with The Breakfast Club where she sings the praises of hot sauce. I don’t find it laughable, though it is amusing. How many people come prepared with emergency hot sauce? That’s resourceful, if nothing else.)

Secretary Clinton has, of course, made some unwise political decisions. But who among politicians has not? And in this current race, is there not one politician who has been able to recover from a gaffe with as much strength as Secretary Clinton? And during recovery, has she been able to shield herself against attacks against her history and fire back with just as much power? Is that not what any human being would do if their reputation was at stake? Is that not what a woman who has been belittled time and time again would do to assert herself against ad hominem and ad hoc attacks? Secretary Clinton has been able not only to walk across the hot coals; she has danced across them with all the finesse of a seasoned artist.

It is easy to throw the book at Secretary Clinton for the controversies of her career. Whitewater and Benghazi — not to mention her husband’s flaws — will haunt her throughout the rest of her life and career. But to close the door on Clinton for these reasons would be picking rotten low-hanging fruit. One must look towards the future in this race, and not towards the past. Secretary Clinton is the only candidate in the current charge towards the next four years with any sort of plan. No other entrant in the 2016 race has as clear of a vision or plan for the future of this country. While Secretary Clinton’s vision is not without its flaws, it is the most cohesive and most promising, and with a balanced team behind her, that vision could help America to continue to progress rather than stumble in its ongoing growth as a nation.

John Hodgman wrote a post on his Tumblr also endorsing Secretary Clinton. In it, he states that the candidate’s ambition is nothing more than to “make policy.” I must state that I agree. While Senator Sanders wants the nomination in order to further a “political revolution”, and while Donald Trump wants the presidency to fulfill his ego’s wishes (under the guise of his empty slogan), Secretary Clinton’s love for policy has powered her climb to the chair in the Oval Office. Though her interests may have shifted over the years, and though her many setbacks may have caused her much grief, she continues to study and dedicate her life to the art and business of public policy. That is admirable in any candidate, of course. But Secretary Clinton, in this race, has her dedication and devotion to bettering the nation to thank for her success. Even though some may be skeptical of her, she is — in some small way — sincere, and also very hopeful.

For these reasons, and for many others which will be discussed in the coming days and weeks, The Gossamer endorses Secretary Hillary Clinton for the presidency. As always, this publication and its sole custodian welcome both agreeing and dissenting opinions from the floor, if only to learn what others have to say on the matter. Discussion — or “the Discourse” — is nothing if not educational.

That’s all for The Gossamer for today. I should note that I ran into a teacher of mine from my Upstate New York high school in the voting line today. New York City is a small world when you think about it.

Have a good now, and a fantastic later. [S]

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