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Why are Uber Drivers Urinating in Cups and Disposable Bottles?

A BP gas station’s restroom on 10th Avenue and 36th Street is frequented by e-hail drivers but most continue to use bottles or cups to urinate in. Photo ©Jaspreet Kalra

Noah Forman, an Uber driver, urinates into his used coffee cups. Why? Because stopping to use the restroom could mean losing an hour’s worth of fares.

Forman works 8-to-10-hour shifts, but he only stops to use the restroom once. In the night, he looks for a “safe” spot, usually near a fire hydrant or a dark alley, and relieves himself in a used coffee cup…




Covering labor and the workplace in New York City

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Jaspreet Singh Kalra

Jaspreet Singh Kalra

Business, Econ Journalist.

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