A Call for Writers 2022: The Graduate Student Survival Guide (GSSG)

Write for us if you want to share your experiences from graduate school or provide tips for succeeding in a grad program

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Short information about GSSG publication

Last year we started the GSSG to share our experiences from graduate programs providing tips for current graduate students or people who would like to pursue graduate studies in the future.

The publication captures the experiences from a graduate school, providing practical advice on succeeding in grad school.

If you are a graduate student or have completed a graduate program, we would like for you to share tips about graduate school to help graduate students complete their studies with the enormous challenges.

Right now, we are looking for writers who are willing to embark on telling stories and creating content that informs and inspires graduate students.

Topics we are interested in

Anything about graduate school:

  • Your struggles or difficulties and how you overcame them
  • Your unique experiences
  • Choosing your ideal university
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Choosing supervisor
  • Dealing with bad supervisors
  • Overcoming the Zeigarnik effect
  • Beating procrastination
  • Tips on how to be productive in grad school
  • Tips for thesis writing
  • Daily routine or coping with solitude
  • Coping with rejection from journals
  • Remaining motivated in graduate school.
  • Or anything about graduate school life: the good, bad, and ugly.

How to guarantee for your work to be published

Following our submission guidelines is essential to ensure your written article is published.

Please check the submission guide below for more details and how to become a writer.

Also, you can comment on this post if you want to be a writer by providing your Medium username or ID — and make sure to follow the publication.

Some of our recent articles to guide you

Below are a few articles from the GSSG publication that would help you write yours.

We look forward to receiving your work; as always, thank you for writing and reading.




A publication that encapsulates graduate students’ struggles, experiences, and shares advice on how to navigate and complete a graduate program

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Jackson Weako

Jackson Weako

I write about personal growth, academic life, and how to apply Stoicism in your life to unlock your maximum potential. Editor — Graduate Student Survival Guide

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