Is Boxing Fading Away as a Sport?

It Will Still be Needed in the World

Boxing does not seem to be a popular sport as it use to be. Is it fading away as a sport? For years, we have enjoyed watching boxing on television. We have enjoyed going to the boxing events. However, it can be very brutal and has left some boxers in bad condition later on in life. If boxing fades away as a sport, I think it will always be needed for self defense.

We live in a troubled world, and you will never know when someone wants to attack you. People are constantly robbing, stealing, and killing all over the world. It wouldn’t hurt to keep boxing gyms around even if boxing fades away in sports. It wouldn’t hurt to continue to practice it or learn how to box. In my opinion, I think boxing will always be needed in the world as long as there is fighting.

There are children that go to school that have to learn how to fight. Some children are use to fighting and are very strong. If a child doesn’t know how to fight back, he can get bullied by a classmate. It is said that it is better to use your brain rather than use your fist. I believe that it is better to use a fist for self defense rather than use a gun.

Whether it be professional boxing or whether it’s just fist fighting, I think it will remain with us even if it fades away in sports. Boxing is needed and can be used for self defense.