40 podcasts to make you smarter

The number of active podcasts on iTunes alone has gone beyond a dazzling 60,000. That’s a lot of noise to cut through. We at Bibblio have done the digging, surfaced the best podcasts, and curated lists to kick off your year the smartest way possible.

Happy listening!

Expand your mind

Good Job, Brain — Part pub quiz show and part off-beat news

Stuff to Blow Your Mind — A podcast by the edutainers at HowStuffWorks

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know — By Freakonomics’s Stephen J. Dubner

TED Radio Hour— A journey through fascinating ideas and inventions

Stuff You Should Know — Josh & Chuck’s truth behind everyday myths

How to Do Everything — You send in questions & experts answer them

In Our Time —The UK’s leading academics discuss the topic of the day

99% Invisible— The thought that goes into the things we don’t think about

Don your lab coat

Radiolab — A show about curiosity #science #philosophy #experience

Star Talk— Hosted by hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, so yeah

The Infinite Monkey Cage— Witty look at the world through scientists’ eyes

Rationally Speaking — The borderlands between science & pseudoscience

Flash Forward — On bizarre futures that may be to come

Philosophy Bites— Sometimes, overthinking is great

Big Picture Science — Modern science research through lively storytelling

Hidden Brain— Helps curious people understand the world and themselves

Dive into history

Hardcore History — Carlin’s unorthodox thinking, applied to the past

You Must Remember This — Exploring the forgotten histories of Hollywood

BackStory — Uses current events as jumping-off points to delve into the past

Revisionist History — Because sometimes the past deserves a second chance

The History Chicks— Half the population: several thousand years of history

TPHOOW — The Podcast History of Our World

History… in 100 Objects — Re-telling history through objects we’ve created

The Memory Palace— Nate DiMeo tells short, surprising stories of the past

Build a business

How I Built This— Entrepreneurs share the stories behind their movements

StartUp— What it’s really like to get a business off the ground

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders— An engaging speaker every week

Women Who Startup Radio— Empowering women in startups

Founders Talk — In-depth, one-on-one conversations with Founders

Product People — On great products and the people who make them

The Twenty Minute VC — Venture Capital, startup funding and the pitch

Six Pixels of Separation— Bringing you digital marketing & media insights

Reboot Podcast— Emotional & psychological challenges faced by leaders

Be informed

Love + Radio — Otherworldly-produced interviews with a range of subjects

Left, Right and Center — Passionate political discussions, minus the yelling

The Moth Podcast— Funny, tragic and uplifting stories abound

My History Can Beat Up Your Politics —Raising today’s political discussion

Song Exploder— Musicians tell the story of how their songs were made

Longform — Conversations with non-fiction writers on how they tell stories

Slate’s Political Gabfest— Facts & opinions on the U.S. political climate

And here’s a little extra from the good folks at freeCodeCamp…
10 podcasts that new coders should listen to

Demand quality

If your job was considering which of the 60,000 podcast channels to recommend, listening to each for one minute, it would take you 25 working weeks to hear them all. We don’t know what a professional podcast listener does in their breaks, but we’re confident it wouldn’t be unwinding to spoken word!

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