The Nominees - 134 YouTube channels that will make you smarter

Sep 11, 2015 · 8 min read

The 60 YouTube channels that will make you smarter were selected from this master list. In here you can find many captivating channels that for some reason or other didn’t quite reach the shortlist. That shouldn’t take away from their standalone awesomeness though!

In addition, you’ll find some totally new categories of channels for your enjoyment. So go and get smarter!

Spark your curiosity

Vsauce — Amazing answers to questions about our world

In a Nutshell — Animations that makes learning beautiful

C. G. P. Grey — Entertaining explanations of politics, geography and culture

Crash Course — Bite-sized science and learning in many subjects

Scishow — Indispensable science news, history and concepts

HowStuffWorks — Your daily curiosity dose that explains the world

Brit Lab — Smart-ass ammunition that’s guaranteed to impress

Mental Floss — Where knowledge junkies go to get their weekly fix of trivia

THNKR — People, stories, ideas that will change your perspective

The Good Stuff — Great all around inspiration from PBS

Hello Internet — A podcast. We wish they would animate them one day

Experiment with the sciences

MinutePhysics — Simple explanations of physics and other sciences

Minute Earth — Science and stories about our awesome planet

Veritasium — Science and engineering videos by Derek Muller

Numberphile — Maths Mecca that sums up all things numerical

SmarterEveryDay — Exploring the world of science with Destin Sandlin

Applied Science — Interesting applications of science and technology

Periodic Videos — Videos of each element and other chemistry stuff

Sixty Symbols — A physics and astronomy cornucopia of cool

Scishow Space — Explores astronomy and cosmology in small chunks

AsapSCIENCE — A weekly dose of fun and intriguing science clips

It’s Okay To Be Smart — We agree!

PatrickJMT — Straight-to-the-point maths know-how

Bozeman Science — Paul Andersen teaches science

Tyler DeWitt — All the chemistry back-up you could ever ask for

SciFri — Science, technology, and other cool stuff. Fun for curious people

Nature — The video channel for Nature and other leading science journals

New Scientist — The world’s number one science and technology magazine

Science Channel — Science videos & news

Engineering Explained - How do cars work? After this you will know!

Brian Swarthout — Teaching chemistry, physics and maths from Germany

Mr Why U — Algebra and animation successfully combined

Untamed Science — Helping to educate the every-growing digital world

Connect with technology

Computerphile — A vast array of computing and tech videos

The Game Theorists — Over-analysing video games

Extra Credits — Video game design to start your developer career

Google Tech Talks — A grass-roots programme at Google sharing talks

Computer History — Quality lectures, events and vintage footage — Web development, web site design and more

DevTips — Weekly videos on web design and development

The New Boston — Tons of great web development tutorials

CodeCourse — Helping you learn to code for free

Adam Khoury — Learn JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS and ActionScript

O’Reilly — Spreading the knowledge of technology experts

Google Developers — Offers lessons, talks, latest news and best practices

Professor Messer — Comprehensive choice for IT certifications

Expand your mind

The School of Life — Ideas for life through many lenses

BrainCraft — Weekly videos on psychology and neuroscience

Wisecrack — Learn your ass off with witty sketches

PBS Idea Channel — A cultural critique of pop, technology and art

Macat Education — Analyses of the most important books and ideas

Big History Project — Understand people and the world

It’s History — A great ride through history

The Great War — Everything you will ever need to know about 1914–1918

Philosophy Tube — Oliver Lennard “gives away a philosophy degree”

Shots of Awe — Thoughts on society, technology and human existence

Learn Liberty — A “liberated” resource for exploring ideas

Soul Pancake — A pep talk about stuff that matters

Gregory Sadler — Philosophy put into practice to make ideas accessible

Inspire your creativity

Mark Crilley — How-to-draw videos on almost every topic you can imagine

Draw With Jazza — Tutorials on all forms of visual expression

JustinGuitar — Guitar courses for various styles, techniques and abilities

HDpiano — Learn to play piano with easy to follow tutorials

Every Frame a Painting — Top-notch and truly fascinating analysis of film

Photo Exposed — Photography tips, techniques and tutorials

Adorama — Exclusive photography tutorials and workshops for all levels

The Art of Photography — A 360 degree look at making images

The Art Assignment — Artist talks and challenging assignments for yourself

Smithsonian Art Museum — An unparalleled source of American art

Tate — Features the best in international modern and contemporary art

Sycra — Inspirational art videos that entertain and instruct

Shanks FX — Teaching Hollywood effects with household products

FZD — Free education in entertainment design

Food Wishes — Foodies guaranteed to enhance your culinary skills

Sorted Food — Everything from the basics of cooking to aspirational recipes

Become a media marvel

BBC Journalism — Everything you need about how BBC journalists work

Film Riot — Film Riot is a how-to trip through all aspects of film making

BBC Production — All aspects of working in television, radio and online

Vox — Behind-the-scenes perspective on the daily news stream

Blank on Blank — Journalists’ unheard interviews with cultural icons

The Moth — Dedicated to the art of storytelling

Avoid burning your house down

Grant Thompson — Caution advised with these experiments and life hacks

Crazy Russian Hacker — The daddy of all science experiment channels

Green Power Science — A DIY channel dedicated to juicy solar power

Sick Science - Steve Spangler is a teacher, science toy designer and author

Get closer to nature

Earth Unplugged —BBC-produced channel about the natural world

BBC Earth — Jump in and meet your planet.

The Brain Scoop — A private tour of The Field Museum in Chicago

National Geographic Wild - All about animals - every story an adventure

Roll with the big boys

MIT OpenCourseWare — Intellectual stimulation by the prestigious MIT

ouLearn — The Open University’s rich and engaging learning channel

The RSA — The Royal Society of Arts has set new standards in its field

Gresham College — Liberally delivering knowledge through top lectures

TED Talks — No list would be complete without TED’s main collection

TEDx Talks — 360,000 talks on all subjects under the sun. Choose wisely

TED-Ed — Carefully curated and crafted educational videos and animations

Smithsonian — The mighty institution explores the grand questions

UC Berkeley — Huge collections of lectures in many subjects

Stanford — Large amounts of lectures and published content

Big Think — Exploring big ideas that define knowledge in the 21st century

The Royal Institution — Films and lectures about the natural world

Lynda — Helps anyone learn software, creative and business skills

Talks at Google — All sorts of people invited by Google - free super-juice

Khan Academy — Has helped so many and will go on to help many more

The Economist — A large amount of inspiration well beyond just analysis

IQ Squared —The world’s premier forum for debate

Library of Congress — Timeless treasures and contemporary content

Access the archives

British Pathé — Famous newsreels shown within carefully chosen topics

ITN Source — One of the largest historic collections of news footage

AP Archive — The Associated Press, the world’s largest and oldest agency

Objectivity — Great videos from archives and seldom opened vaults

British Movietone — The famous newsreel archive, spanning 1895 - 1986

Nurture the youngsters

Crash Course Kids — For 5th grade scientists, engineers and astronomers

SciShow Kids — Experiments, experts and answers for kids aged 8 to 88

HooplaKidz —Arts and crafts for little ’uns

Captain Discovery — Learning through nursery rhymes

WhizKidScience — Easy, do-at-home science experiments by clever kids

Make Me Genius — Science videos for kids

Dose up on medicine

Sexplanations — Honest answers about sexuality by Lindsey Doe

Laci Green — A sex education activist

Healthcare Triage — Answering questions about medicine and healthcare

Kenhub — An engaging and different way to learn human anatomy

Anatomy Zone — Great 3D anatomy videos

Radiology Channel — Your dedicated radiology resource

Learn a new language

BBC Learn English —New videos every day to help you with English

engVid — Learn English with 11 top teachers and over 900 lessons

French From beginners to advanced — The only source needed for French

Senor Jordan — Learn Spanish grammar

Butterfly Spanish — Spanish vocabulary, phrases and pronunciation

Yangyang Cheng — Learn Chinese with short and fun video lessons

Fiona Tian — New videos each week, helping you learn Mandarin Chinese

LearnArabicwithMaha — Arabic with a flavour of Hebrew and Italian

Enjoy the unusual

Vi Hart — A “recreational mathemusician” like no other

ElectroBOOM — Successfully discovering the craziness in engineering

Brusspup — Incredible illusions with a flavour of science

Closing words

These channels have been chosen from almost 800 candidates. In many categories, great channels and incredible niches had to be left out, but such is the burden of any editor. See a refined list of 60 channels here.

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