“Get off the Fence and come out to run. It’s a great way to put our values into action.”

Talking with Affinity Bridge’s Mack Hardy: Coding with Impact

Affinity Bridge is a Vancouver based web design firm. On their website they say “We believe technology can change the world. We specialize in projects that align with our love for our planet and its people.” This awesome company is using the internet to make a positive difference in the world. Among many other cool projects they have worked on they built the website for the Great Climate Race. As if that wasn’t enough they also have a team of runners, and walkers participating in the Great Climate Race in Vancouver. They’re hoping to potentially have others in the virtual race too. Here is a discussion with their founder Mack Hardy.

  • Tell us about your company’s Great Climate Race team.

“We have a social mandate to support projects, groups and causes that have an environmental and social justice impact. The Great Climate Race is a great way to put our values into action.

It’s good for health, good for the environment, and it’s really good raising awareness around solar projects for our own community. People don’t think of Vancouver as a solar community, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t be.”

  • Why the Great Climate Race?

“It’s a way to challenge ourselves. We’re not a particularly athletic group. But it’s the participation that matters; with some people walking it, some people are doing the virtual race (like one of our teammates who calls Gibsons home), others are doing the 2.5km run too. It really depends on what people feel comfortable with. It’s all about lending our support to a meaningful movement. Raising money is hard to do. But, the Great Climate Race lets us do it in a distributed way for the action we’re taking. It’s not just a collectivism plea. It’s about saying here’s what we’re going to do.”

  • Why should someone join your team?

“We’re better than all of the teams… clearly :-) The team aspect is really a fun way be involved. Last year I ran with friends from the Wilderness Committee, while we also had our own team. There was another team called the Canadian Parents for Climate Change Action who I was also involved with as well. It’s great seeing this wide range of people coming out for the race. I also ask others to join because people in the campaigning space spend a lot of time saying no to things. This is a great opportunity to say yes, to make a positive response, and to take positive action. The Great Climate Race is really the embodiment of that.”

  • Do you have a message for other teams?

“A little friendly encouragement is most in line for where I’m at. Just get anyone to join your team, they don’t need to be pro-athletes. Any participation is a great start. I’ll be reaching out to everyone in my personal network to see who will be compelled to take action. That said, I’ll challenge others in the non-profit space to come out and appreciate some friendly competition. It’s not about who can finish fast, it’s about who can raise the most money.”

  • Anything else you want to say?

“This is a direct and very visible public space to be in, and to be taking action in; so if you’re on the fence, get off the fence and come out to run the race. You’re not alone out there, it’s a lot of fun, it’s very social.”

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