Dave Borins — Bullfrog Power

Getting Bullish on the Power of Community Solar Projects

Catching up with Bullfrog Power’s Dave Borins (Community Renewable Projects)

Bullfrog Energy ensures the electricity or natural gas going on the grid or pipeline for your home comes from clean, renewable sources. You reduce your home’s impact on the environment and help green our energy systems.

  • Tell us about your company’s Great Climate Race team

“First, Bullfrog Power is a supporter of the Great Climate Race in general. We awarded them a grant last year for matching funds for donors to their solar projects, and will be doing the same again this year. In terms of race day, we have Emily from our Vancouver office who will be running the actual seawall course, while the rest of the company is supporting her from afar as part of the virtual race. This is part of the community projects we support across Canada (70 projects to date) that are about building renewable energy on a small scale. We focus these efforts on not-for-profit organizations and Canada’s First Nation communities.”

A very cool moment as Oxford Community Energy Co-op cuts the ribbon on a new project with help from our friends at Bullfrog Power.
  • Why the Great Climate Race?

“Our primary reason for being is to sell green energy to people who otherwise can’t purchase it, or can’t build their own. It’s a way of creating collective action. It’s about the Bullfrog Power community giving money back to the community, that in turn is helping drive a collective benefit from these projects.”

“What the Great Climate Race is doing to fund community projects in BC and beyond, is exactly what’s needed. Promoting smaller scale solar energy projects is invaluable because they’re helping overcome barriers to funding. It’s actually easier is some regards to get a $10 million loan versus securing a loan for $20,000. If you’re fighting climate change and hoping for a renewable energy transition then, it’s important to be doing it at a different scale. By decentralizing the people who own the power, it opens up the opportunity for more people to benefit from renewable energy. This is a popular movement towards green energy. It’s what people want”

Bullfrog Power!
  • Do you have a message for other teams?

The Bullfrog team wants to thank them all. For us, it’s not about a competition. We want to encourage everyone to raise as much money as possible. Like last year, we’ll again be matching donations (up to $7500). We think big change will happen out of making small projects a big deal.

  • Anything else you want to say?

“It’s easy to moan about, ‘oh… nothing’s being done; there’s a lot of troubles, what do we do about it.’ With the Great climate Race it’s about people taking action and doing it in a fun way… Come on, we’re in Toronto and we’re participating even though we know our view won’t be nearly as nice as Vancouver’s.”

Climate solutions make people smile… get involved!
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