“There’s no do-over if we lose this one…”

A few words with Mark Tizya, Novo Solar Solutions Inc.

Novo Solar Solutions is a Metro Vancouver based company that specializes in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and energy efficient products that enable you to harness the sun’s power and use it comfortably within your home and business.

  • Tell us about your company’s Great Climate Race team

“We’re a race sponsor. Being a solar company who cares about the bigger issues this is a great opportunity to put our energy into supporting an ideally aligned and meaningful event. We’re also making a strong commitment to work with First Nation communities to help those using diesel generation to make the transition to a cleaner energy source.”

Mark came clean admitting, “while I’m not an enthusiastic runner, we’ll have a team of people whose enthusiasm runs counter mine. For me, I’m hopeful the paramedics will be close at hand with a solar-powered AED defibrillator.”

  • Why should someone join your team?

“Simple! You’ll get to wear styling Novo Solar Solutions shirts while running. It’ll be amazing 😎”

  • Do you have a message for other teams?

“We’re setting the pace, and challenge everyone to keep up with clean energy; it’s an everyday race we can’t afford to fall further behind on. There’s no do-over if we lose this one.”