Racing Hard and Raising Harder

Why the Great Climate Race Is About More Than “Just Getting Time.”

Catching up (barely) with Julianne Kucheran. She is a healthy communities specialist, a passionate city and community planner and a member of The Vancouver Falcons Athletic Club (VFAC), a friendly yet competitive running club based in Vancouver.

  • Tell us about your Club’s Great Climate Race team

“We’re a competitive running team with over 100 members. Our fabulous coach John Hill founded the club in 1987. John’s a former Vancouver Marathon winner, who is an important presence and leader in the running community. I’m still very new, only having joined the club last November. It’s been a wonderful experience. I appreciate the wide variety of ages, backgrounds, levels, and being in the company of so many passionate runners looking to improve their times, improve themselves, and enjoy being part of a great running community.”

  • Why the Great Climate Race?

“John Hill’s other role as an environmental activist is a key link connecting us to the event as well. He’s always been a personal inspiration to myself and many of our teammates with his dedication to environmental awareness and protection. This is a cause that’s near and dear to John and many of us on the team.”

  • Do you have a message for other teams?

“It’s definitely fun to have a little friendly competition to see who will get the best times. But, it’s more about the balance of seeing everyone come together and knowing they’re in it for a greater cause. For me, it’s all about the environmental and social impact. I’m interested in seeing people coming together and crowdfunding these great solar projects that are at the heart of this race.”

  • Anything else you want to say?

“It’s really special to see people get engaged with running. I’ve been a runner for about 12 years, having had the chance to do an Ironman and run this year’s Boston Marathon. But, I’ve also seen the challenges and trepidation some people feel about getting started, about getting involved. I think this race, in particular, is great for everyone because it’s got both the 2km and 10km options. More importantly, it’s got the community focus, it’s fun, and it’s for a bigger cause, instead of being focused on the individual or just about getting time.”