“The event aligns with our company’s values”

Talking with Emily Taylor (Digital Marketing Manager) Tradable Bits.

Tradable Bits is a digital marketing software platform that helps sports and entertainment brands personalize fan experiences.
  • Tell us about your company’s Great Climate Race team.

“20% of our entire company is on our race team! (We’re 11 total). Our CTO and Co-Founder Dmitry Khrisanov is leading the run. He’s not the stereotypical software engineer (picture slothful). He’s borderline crazy into fitness — biking every day from Port Coquitlam to our Coal Harbour office, playing underwater hockey and many other sports. Dmitry definitely leads by example, actively promoting our company values of healthy living and sustainability by biking to work and encouraging the rest of the team to do so on a daily basis.”

  • Why the Great Climate Race?

“We were sponsors last year (and again this year) because the event aligns with our company’s values. It’s not our typical sponsorship — we usually target tech, sports or entertainment events — but we believe in the cause and the team promoting it. We support solar energy and sustainability. We work with a number of clients (Lush Cosmetics is one example) who share these beliefs and practices. Add in Great Climate Race co-founder Ben, his vision and drive to make a tangible impact on climate change, and sponsorship was a no-brainer for us.”

The Tradable Bits social media stream on display at the Great Climate Race 2015
  • Why should someone join your team?

“Combine that we’re fun-loving, encouraging of each other, and located in Coal Harbour — we’ll offer a supportive team and a great place for that last leg of race training. The seawall is such a great place to run! Plus, Dmitry is ridiculously fast and will kick your butt into high gear.”

  • Do you have a message for other teams?

“Although we’re all friends in the Vancouver tech community, we’d definitely like to challenge some other companies… if you can’t beat us in tech you might as well try beating us at the Great Climate Race!”

  • Anything else you want to say?

“As much as attending the event and fundraising is really important, another huge part is raising awareness. I really encourage people to engage online, use the hashtag (#GreatClimateRace) and get it trending. As much as it’s impactful for you to show up, it’s also important to get on social media and post about why climate change and solar energy are issues of utmost importance. Let’s spread the word together!”

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