The top 7 things people “on the fence” are wondering about the #GreatClimateRace

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • I’m not a runner — You are more than welcome to walk in the 10k or 2.5k. It’s all about getting involved in whatever way works for you. Why not a little Sunday walk around Lost Lagoon?
  • I care about climate change, but I’m not an environmentalist, I just like running. That’s cool — The Great Climate Race is a fun race on a beautiful course. It’s chip-timed and the course is certified by the best in the business. So why not come run your personal best while doing something good for the planet?
  • I will be out of town (or working) on Oct 30th — No problem. You can still be part of the event by getting involved in the virtual race. All you have to do is go for a walk or run in the last week of October and either upload or send us some pics or video that you shoot on your phone while you are out there. That’s it, and you can be part of the Great Climate Race event from wherever you are. Cool eh?
  • I can’t find a babysitter — I’ll babysit for you. Just kidding, we are busy that day. But kids of all ages are welcome. We are proud to allow strollers in our race.The race is free for anyone under the age of 18 to join us for both the 10k and 2.5k distance. It’s their future right?
  • I’m running in too many races — If you’re running in too many races, come for the 2.5k. It’s just a super easy fun way to participate in a cause that affects all of us.
Pro tip: there is more fun per KM packed into our 2.5 event.
  • Maybe I should just wait till next year — Climate change is a race against time. Every year that passes is another lost opportunity for more people to get involved in climate solutions. It’s also another record year for global temperatures and extreme weather events.
  • Will it really make a difference? — You may not think that your participation in The Great Climate Race in 2016 matters but it matters so much. The Great Climate Race community are actively participating in climate solutions by enabling new solar energy project that reduce pollution and spread awareness at the local level. This is part of the global shift towards a transition to renewable energy. Making change is like training for a marathon. Its takes time and hard work. That’s why we all need to start from wherever we are and get to it.
Ben West
Co-Founder & Chairperson
 — The Great Climate Race
10k or 2.5k walk or run in Vancouver

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