Considering One’s Advantages

In my life, I have had a quite the number of advantages. My family has lived well off, with a large house, nice cars, and bountiful amounts of anything I could ever imagine. I am the embodiment of being fed a silver spoon. I have never had to worry about what I will have to eat or where I am going to sleep that night. I like to see myself as a humble person. I see those less advantaged than me simply as people who have had to work harder for the same thing, and for those more advantaged simply people who have had to work less, or not at all for the same thing. I try not to prejudice someone just because of their advantages. I see this kind of thing as if it were a game of cards, some people get dealt a straight flush, some get nothing useful, and everywhere in between. Those who have nothing must work harder to win than those dealt a flush. The song “Congratulations,” by Post Malone, talks about how he had to work hard to get where he is now, and now that he achieved his goal he can celebrate. The first stanza of his song says:

“My mama called, seen you on TV, son
Said shit done changed ever since we was on
I dreamed it all ever since I was young
They said I wouldn’t be nothing
Now they always say congratulations
Worked so hard, forgot how to vacation
They ain’t never had the dedication
People hatin’, say we changed and look we made it
Yeah, we made it”

In this he states that he’s “worked so hard, forgot how to vacation,” which he has. Malone didn’t have many advantages as a child and worked very hard to get to where he is today.