Albert Berk Toledo
The Great Mystery
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2 min readJan 12, 2024

Despite all the differences amongst the people of this planet, there is one thing nobody can argue against, the fact that we are all born into a mystery.

We are born without knowing who we are, where we come from, where we are going, what anything is.

As newborn babies, we open our eyes for the first time and meet light, colors, we hear sounds around us, we smell and taste food, we eat the food and feel satisfied, we want more of it, we listen to our parents and others and start to pick up patterns of sounds and start to imitate them, eventually learning to speak and in a magical way, communicate our experience to others while trying to have a sense of what others are experiencing.

As time passes, from all of our experience combined, we start to create a map of the existence around us, as our predictions and expectations are fulfilled, what we know gets reinforced. But the truth is, we still have no idea about what anything really is other than some mental concepts. Life, as well as our selves stay a great mystery.

At the Great Mystery, we explore this mystery with a wide lens.

We learn and experiment while always remembering how much we don’t know.

We appreciate the mystery, we don’t run away from it. We don’t try to avoid, nor nullify the mystery. We know that knowledge isn’t a way to beat the mystery but to enjoy it.

We are interested in science and mysticism, technology and the arts.

We believe after centuries of individual specialization, humankind is ready for another era of polymaths. Thanks to technological developments and global communication, we have access to deep information across many fields in a way that will enable us to connect the dots and seek holistic perspectives.

We aim to kindle the flame of mystery in people. We don’t aim to provide definitive answers, rather we aim to enable a life filled with curiosity and joy.

We believe, everything is a mystery, everyone a mystic.