The Greek Lemon April Vegan Box

It makes me hugely greatful for my invaluable heritage growing up with a Mediterranean food diet, following Greek culinary traditions and what they signify — the knowledge I inherited from grandparents; the food I cooked with my mother; the meals I prepare with my kids; the flavoursome dinners I enjoyed with dear friends; the thoughtful yet challenging conversations we carried over long lasting Sunday meals. The list goes on.

Eating with friends under the summer sky

In my country, there are gifted people with extraordinary skills who are able to produce very unique artisan products and make a living doing so. They are also very proud of their produce. The producers we are honoured to import to the UK are one such example. They work under rather old fashioned methods to create the most extraordinary quality and flavour of ingredients that are humble and miracusely healthy. My theory lays in the fertile Greek land and the low production yields. You can now take a glimpse of this world and the fruits of their labour. I was privileged to be able to live in Greece — in a place where people and food thrive together, be appreciated and enrich our lives with acts of love like flavoursome cooking and thoughtful living!

Long may this sort of endeavour and interest continue. We feel proud of the part we play in bringing these food stories to you, of championing these producers, not to mention bringing inspiration and know-how for creating healthy loving meals.

Traditional Greek cooking is based on fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, herbs, spices, and of course olive oil. It is perfect for vegans and their is an abundant of naturally vegan recipes.

So what is included in April’s Vegan Apollo Box? We have scoured the best Greek producers to pick this month’s quality products. Your box includes:

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Knossos — 250ml
This superior quality extra virgin olive oil from Crete draws together the best olives in the region for a full flavour. Rich in mono-unsaturated for healthy Mediterranean diets. Cold Pressed.

Serve everywhere! Salads, dips, dressings and on warm bread. Use it for healthy cooking, including grilling meat or fish, as extra virgin olive oil retains its nutritional value, even at high temperatures.

2. Handmade Concentrated Tomato Sauce by Roumeli — 200g
Using the finest Greek tomatoes and herbs to produce a concentrated sauce bursting with flavour, following a family recipe.

See our recipes on the next page or to use directly with pasta, add one part sauce to two parts water and boil gently for 2–3 minutes.

3. Greek White Beans by Maria Nefeli — 250g
Beans and pulses are among the most traditional Greek foods. For centuries, these simple, healthful ingredients have been an easy, economical, nutritious way to feed body and soul. These organic white beans are soft & smooth with a rich full bodied taste. Produced in Kastoria, Greece. PGI certified.

Check out our wonderful Fasolada. Or add a few to stews and soups for extra flavour.

4. Greek Wild Oregano by Maria Nefeli — 35g
Known for its aromatic and flavourful leaves. Greek Wild Oregano is widely recognised as the best in the world.

In Greek cooking, oregano is used in tomato sauces, with meat, fish, cheese, egg dishes, salads and vegetables especially tomatoes, courgettes, and green beans. It can also be used to prepare tea, a natural treatment for indigestion as well as coughs. In the house you can use it as a natural scent, by hanging it up from the stems in the kitchen. Finally, you can even add the stalks to your BBQ while you grill the meat for extra flavour!

5. Vegan Casarecce Pasta by Maria Nefeli — 500g
A traditional handmade Greek pasta made from 100% durum wheat semolina and vegetables; spinach, carrots, beetroot, onion & leeks.

You can also use in soups and stews or as you would normal pasta. Cooks in 8 minutes.

6. Olive Tapenade by Xenia — 185g
Using the finest Kalamon Olives from Greece this olive spread is full of flavour.

Perfect for using as a dip with bread sticks or Ntakos! You could also use it as a spread for extra flavour in sandwiches especially with feta cheese.

7. Mini Wholegrain Ntakos by Maria Nefeli — 100g
Pronounced ‘Dacos’, these mini rusks are made from wholegrain rye flour and sourdough and are a traditional staple in Cretan cuisine.

Use them like fingerfood, adding chopped ripe tomatoes, oregano, salt & pepper. Generously drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and feta. Sprinkle with oregano and more extra virgin olive oil. Or simply use with any dips and spreads like olive tapenade.

8. Tsai-Too-Voo-Noo Greek Mountain Tea by Maria Nefeli — 30g
Mountain Tea is a unique herbal infusion, made from flowers, leaves and stems for the Sidertis plant which only grows at very high elevations. Honoured within Greece, this tea has a beautiful delicate flavour. These herbal teas are perfect for relieving coughs and lung congestions as well as alleviating gastrointestinal and inflammation problems.

9. Mykonos Almond Treats by Maria Nefeli — 100g
This rare-to-find and very unique delicacy is often given as wedding favours. Made in the island of Cyclades, Mykonos these sweets combine almond and rose water to create a tasty light and sweet flavour.

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