The Greek Lemon July Classic Dionysus Box

Britain’s only Greek subscription box; The Greek Lemon, is celebrating the start summer with alfresco eating and delicious recipes.

This month we are shinning a light on Corinthian currants. Also known as the “Black Gold” they are an ancient Greek grape variety prized for its super sweet small, pearl-like, grapes are of a dark, almost black, colour and intensely flavoured fruit. Corinthian currents have PDO status and are a significant source of vitamin C and have natural antioxidant values.

So what is included in July’s Classic Dionysus Box? We have scoured the best Greek producers to pick this month’s quality products. Your box includes:

The Greek Lemon: Classic Dionysus, July

1. Greek Barbounofassoula (Borlotti) Beans by Maria Nefeli — 250g

Known as Barbounofassoula in Greek, named after the fish ‘barbouno’ which has distinct red markings and ‘fassoula’ the Greek word for beans. In the UK Borlotti beans, also known as cranberry beans or French horticultural beans, have nutty flavor with a creamy texture. They are excellent in soups and stews, as well as cold bean salads.

2. Greek Orzo by Maria Nefeli — 250g

Known as Kritharaki in Greek, Orzo is a traditional Greek pasta used in a variety of dishes. It is a very popular accompaniment to meat and vegetable stews and can even be used to substitute risotto dishes, known as ‘Orzotto’!

3. Salt with Oregano by Hestia — 150g

Salt combined with one of Greece’s most iconic flavours — oregano come together in this product. Produced under the watchful eye of Hestia, anchored in organic farming standards with the belief that harvesting should be carried out carefully by hand so that herbs reach consumers without having lost any of their superior sensory traits. This flavoured salt makes the perfect dry rub for meats and fish, you can also fold it into sauces, add a hint on Greek feta cheese, or liven up your olive oil — ready for dipping with bread. Use along with Ntakos to make a traditional Cretan salad making traditional.

4. Greek Organic Sage by Maria Nefeli — 20g

Sage is an herb that’s native to Greece and the Mediterranean. Strongly aromatic and slightly bitter, it makes an essential pairing with pork. Sage, although popular for its use in cooking, is mostly famous in Greece for its consumption as a beverage. Usually it is served after dinner. Heat up a cup of water, until it boils. After removing it from heat, add 4 leaves of Sage and let it rest for about 7–10 minutes. Remove the leaves, serve in a cup, and enjoy! Optionally, you can add honey or sugar.

5. Tomato Puree by Greek Canning Company Kyknos- 200g

Established in 1915, the Greek Canning Company Kyknos is one of the most loved and recognised brands in Greece. A family owned company famous for its canned tomato products, Kyknos selects and packs tomatoes, grown in the region of Peloponesse under strict quality specifications. All products are GMO free, without any preservatives or artificial colours. This tomato puree is highly concentrated, so use sparingly!

6. Corinthian Naturally Dried Blacurrant by Nuts N Nuts — 90g

Also known as the “Black Gold” the Corinthian currant is a variety of small, sweet, seedless grape named after the capital of the Corinthian province in Peloponnesus in Greece. Black Corinth currants is an ancient Greek grape variety prized for its super sweet small, pearl-like, grapes are of a dark, almost black, color and intensely flavored fruit. Nuts N Nuts handpicked blackcurrants are naturally dried in the sun. They are a significant source of vitamin C and have natural antioxidant values. Eat them as a snack or our favourite — with Greek Yoghurt, for a light dessert.

7. Cretan Wholegrain Ntakos by Maria Nefeli — 215g

Pronounced ‘Dacos’, these rusks are made from wholegrain flour and sourdough and are a traditional staple in Greek cuisine. Use them for a light lunch or snack, adding chopped ripe tomatoes, oregano, salt & pepper. Generously drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and feta. Sprinkle with oregano and more extra virgin olive oil. Check out our full recipe.

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