The Greek Lemon May Classic Box

Good taste is not necessarily the perogative of those with much money; those with the largest wardrobes are not always the best dressed. Often it is just a question of knowing how to choose better with the knowledge you already have. Premium products with luxurious packaging and well known brand names, will from time to time appear in our boxes. This month, we are including Pasturma from the historic Greek producer; Miran. We shall only feature these items when we believe they exemplify resource and good taste, or are of historical interest, and are thus of cultural cullinary value to us all.

Such examples tend also to symbolise continuity and to emphasise our belief that departure from tradition should be based upon knowledge and not ignorance of what tradition is. We shall try to help keep alive the gracious art of cooking with upcoming features on entertaining and on the presentation of healthy food.

From the hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt through the medieval charm and the Elizabethan book of herbs, recipes have been passed down the centuries to delight gastronomical man. So are ours — from generation to generation these little acts of love are passed down to us and now we offer them to you.

So what is included in May’s Classic Dionysus Box? We have scoured the best Greek producers to pick this month’s quality products. Your box includes:

Classic Dionysus Box — May 2017

1. Greek Organic Bay Leaves by Maria Nefeli — 10g

Bay leaves are a crucial part of Greek cuisine and are used in cooking for their distinctive fragrance and flavour. They are strongly aromatic with a slight bitter taste that can dramatically enhance the taste of your dishes. Maria Nefeli’s bay leaf trees grow wild on the Greek mountainsides. Every single bay leaf is handpickeked guaranteeing high quality.

Bay leaves can be used in lentil soups, tomato sauces, stocks, stews and marinades. In contrast to the majority of leaf based spices, they can be cooked for a prolonged time without losing their aroma. This month we are sharing a wonderful dip which combines bay leaves with fava. Give it a go!

2. Organic Santorini Fava by Maria Nefeli — 250g

One of the most famous exports of Santorini, Fava has been growing on the island for more than 3,500 years. Fava is made from a local variety of yellow pea (not to be confused with Fava Beans). Our Fava is made using traditonal methods; ground with stone mills, matured in the island’s underground storerooms cut into volcanic rock called ‘kanaves’ and dried in the Aegean sun. As a result it has a highly distinctive flavour and PDO status.

It is traditionally eaten warm, as an appertizer or a puree accompanying a main course of fish or meat. We have included a yummy dip, similar to humous on the next page for you to try.

3. Tsai-Too-Voo-Noo Greek Mountain Tea by Maria Nefeli — 30g

Mountain Tea is a unique herbal infusion, made from flowers, leaves and stems for the Sidertis plant which only grows at very high elevations. Honoured within Greece, this tea has a beautiful delicate flavour. These herbal teas are perfect for relieving coughs and lung congestions as well as alleviating gastronintestinal and inflammation problems. Turn over for instructions.

4. Vegetable Casarecce Pasta by Maria Nefeli — 500g

A traditional handmade Greek pasta made from 100% durum wheat semolina and vegetables; spinach, carrots, beetroot, onion & leeks. See our recipe on the next page for a delicious pasta dish. You can also use in soups and stews or as you would normal pasta. Cooks in 8 minutes.

5. 2 x Pastelli by Maria Nefeli: Seasme Bar — 45g & Almond Bar — 60g

One of the oldest and tastiest snacks, in existance since ancient times and still enjoyed today is Pastelli. Typically made from seaseme seeds, nowadays many varieties exisit using different nuts, seeds and flavours.

6. Pasturma by Miran - 120g

Greek horsemen in ancient times used to preserve meat by placing slabs of it in pockets on the sides of their saddles, where it would be pressed by their legs as they rode. This pressed meat was the forerunner of today’s pasturma, a term which literally means ‘being pressed’, and is the origin of the Italian pastrami. This cured beef pasturma is made by Miran, a small family producer which has been going since 1922. It has a cult status in Greece and is a trademark of high quality food artensenship.

Pasturma has alot of uses, it can be used as an appetizer or served hot with eggs and tomatoes. It’s also great in a toasty!

7. Greek Green Olives by Terra Creta — 290g

Terra Creta has searched all over mainland Greece to find the best, most delicious, naturally fermented organic olives and are proud to offer them as part of the Greek Mediterranean Diet. These Green olives are from “Chalkidiki” , grown in the region of Northern Greece. Produced in Greece, they are a delicious mezze fingerfood on their own or add to casseroles and salads. Serve as a mezze fingerfood or an appetizer to savour and share from the Mediterranean table. Perfect with a glass of white wine!

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