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Collaboration in the Sciences

In order to create a highly cohesive environment, people need to work well together in a welcoming and enthusiastic environment. To make successful scientific discoveries, scientists need to work collaboratively. By exchanging ideas and feedback, collaboration can make ideas stronger. By collaborating with others, everything goes well, and it’s absolutely essential to solving the most difficult problems.

Due to my collaboration, the experiment lead to the discovery of an efficient water treatment even though it was not obvious from the beginning

I took the responsibility to get together with my research mentor and capture the issues. I also selected the material to understand these issues and sharpen my thinking for the development of an economically and environmentally friendly filter.

This process made me a better scientist because I shared my ideas. Because of collaboration, he had provided suggestions and we exchanged ideas to work on this water filter. Collaboration is essential to solving the most difficult problems.

My professor made sure that I was following the right path and deriving results in an accurate course. He discussed my methodology and results with me. I also confirmed my test results with the other testers I procured to make sure they were accurate.



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