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The problem with plastic-free living

Low-waste living is trending all over the place. Adorable and chic Instagram posts of bamboo and coconut fiber everything is clogging up my feed. And, I’m loving it. But, I also have a problem with it. This type of living isn’t attainable. Plastic-free living isn’t attainable, at all. Unless you decide to make a drastic life decision and become a bush/mountain man/woman. Which, honestly, sounds pretty damn amazing.




A place for the eco-conscious to share tips and tricks, educational pieces, poems and prose about nature and the environment. A reminder of when the environment meant something, when we felt the grass between our toes, when running around outside made us happy and excited.

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Michelle Lee-Ann

Michelle Lee-Ann

A lover of all things Karl Lagerfeld, Golden Girls enthusiast, and finds happiness in books from Hemingway to Harlequin. A writer of rantings, essays & romance.

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