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The Green Sprint

Is Carbon Offsetting a sustainable solution to battle climate change?

Carbon Footprint, Carbon Offsetting, Carbon Neutral and Net Zero Explained

Carbon Footprint

  • How often and how far do you travel by (electrical) car, bus, train, plane or bicycle.
  • What kind of energy plan are you on?
  • Are you a shopper? And if so, what kind of shopper are you?
  • Do you reuse, refurbish, recycle?
  • What do you eat?
  • Continuing to eat vegetarian, only buy necessities when borrowing or renting is not an option, primarily buy secondhand clothes, don’t own a car, move around and travel by foot, bicycle or public transport.
  • Switch all banking to Green Banking Services and invest only in sustainable funds and companies.
  • Continue to speak up, discuss, rethink and question our current unsustainable & destructive systems.

Net Zero / Carbon Neutral

Carbon Negative, Carbon Positive & Climate Positive

Carbon Off-setting



We guide and facilitate organisations on their sustainability journey, enabling them to develop strategies and innovate; and transform business models, processes and products / services from destructive, to sustainable, to regenerative. Feel free to drop us a line!

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Minou Schillings

Hi, I am Minou Schillings. I am an impact-driven entrepreneur specialized in sustainable innovation processes.