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What do cats and the economy have in common?

The Sustainability Jargon Buster; New, Purpose and Doughnut Economy

A Comic About Land — So Below

The New Economy

Let’s start with the tricky one, you can ask ten people how to explain the ‘new economy’ and you might end up with ten different answers. When you would ask Pamela or me you will get an answer sounding somewhat like “The New Economy is an economic system that is embedded into society and the earth (instead of the other way around, right now it seems the earth and society are embedded in the economic paradigm). It is a system that works with nature, in which money and growth aren’t priority number one, where businesses create value for all stakeholders, not just shareholders, and which is eventually regenerative by design, a place where all animals, including humans, can live a peaceful and fulfilling life. An inclusive, regenerative and fair future.”!

The Purpose Economy

Let’s dive into the next economy. The Purpose economy a term coined by Aaron Hurst. In 2014 Aaron published his book titled “The Purpose Economy”. He suggests that we indeed moved from an industrial economy to a technological one, but that we are now shifting to something else: an economy where people are looking for purpose and personal growth, where the purpose is the primary driver of economic output.

Doughnut Economy

And then last but not least for today, the yummiest one of them all, the “Doughnut Economy” baked based on a recipe by Kate Raworth. In 2017 she published her book “Doughnut Economics’ in which she aims to find the answers to many of the 21st-century challenges.

Doughnut Economic — Kate Raworth



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