Get To Know The Team: Quidditch

by Rebecca Hyde

Image: Stephanie Brogna ‘20

Chestnut Hill’s biggest event is right around the corner and our very own Quidditch team is preparing for their big game day. The tournament will start at 10 a.m. on the college lawn. To accommodate all of the competing teams, multiple games will be played at once until two teams are left. The games celebrate Harry Potter weekend in a unique way by recreating the sport of choice for Hogwarts. Meet some of the players who will be representing Chestnut Hill during the tournament:

Samantha Covais ‘20

Image: Stephanie Brogna ‘20

Major: English

Position: Beater

“I’ve loved Harry Potter ever since I was a little kid, so being on the team was a huge honor. I love the unity of Quidditch; everyone is there because they want to be, but I also love the athleticism that it requires. It’s dodgeball, rugby, and football all rolled into one — and you’re on brooms. Chestnut Hill is basically Hogwarts, so it’s only fitting that we have the conference here. Since we’re so small, people don’t expect such a big event from us, and it’s always an amazing time.”

Richard Cotto ‘19

Image: Stephanie Brogna ‘20

Major: Political Science

Position: Seeker

“I like quidditch because it is a very active, fast paced game that requires athleticism, strategy and stamina among other things. The sport is much more competitive than I originally anticipated. This is my second year on this quidditch team, as I joined very early my freshman year. What is great to me about hosting the Brotherly Love Cup/Harry Potter Weekend is that it is an opportunity for our school to gain prominence on a national level. The town of Chestnut Hill is able to attract tons of tourists from all over the United States. This obviously helps CHC and it helps Philadelphia as a whole. Speaking specifically about the Brotherly Love Cup: it feels great to be the hosts of such an amazing competition. Schools from all over come for the opportunity to compete against us on our own soil! I think our team will come together and rebound from our early elimination in the 2015 Brotherly Love Competition. I hope we are able to accomplish our goals!”

Duncan Malone ‘18

Image: Stephanie Brogna ‘20

Major: Accounting

Position: Chaser

“I love football, I love dodgeball, I love being physical and quidditch is all of that combined along with a lot of sprinting. I’ve been with the team three years now, my first year joining we became the champions for the first time ever and my fellow teammates called me rookie of the year as no one expected me to go all out and dominate my first year. The great part about hosting Harry Potter weekend is really the community, we see everyone band together with their love of Harry Potter. It also brings a lot of people to the town and college and it helps get the area more known around the Northeast — even nationally. It’s great publicity and a great experience in general. The difference this year is we will try to teach our new teammates more about the game so they are better prepared. I also won’t be injured, as last year my shin bone was exposed on the field after a collision and it took me out as I watched us lose, but we are back and better, I also hope we win — scratch that — I know we will win! The goal is to win, but have fun while doing so.”

Elena Ramos ‘17

Image: Stephanie Brogna ‘20

Major: Human Services

Position: Team Captain

“I wish to travel more to out of state tournaments because there are so many opportunities for the Quidditch team to shine and not just at our Brotherly Love Cup. Beginning of the school year, the Quidditch team was invited by Franklin Institute to play demonstration games for their Science After Hours: Wizard School. This event was sold out with more than 2,500 attendees learning about Harry Potter. This event definitely brought our team’s morale up and we are more than ready to face the other teams at the tournament. We have a lot of strong players we have had the past 3 years and we hope to win that cup back this year! Everyone’s passion for Harry Potter comes out that Harry Potter Festival. What makes Brotherly Love Cup so special is, I believe, the different schools in the Philadelphia that come out to play Quidditch. We have had Franklin and Marshall, Lafayette, Syracuse, and Penn State attend the Brotherly Love Cup in our past years and they definitely will not be strangers to the field as few of the teams will be coming back to play.”

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