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Introducing the Grimm Reaper

…in which we take tales by the Brothers Grimm and twist them, turn them, and run them through a blender

Anyone who’s seen my profile here on Medium knows I have a tendency to play with fairy tales and Greek myths. In an email exchange, Zachariah Wahrer and I wondered if there was a Medium publication that collected fairy tale reboots. We couldn’t find one, so voilá, The Grimm Reaper was born.

Here’s how it works

1. Post a comment here to be added as a writer.

2. Pick a story by the Brothers Grimm. (Fairy tales by other authors are OK too, as long as they’re well known, or the original can be linked to.)

3. Reimagine it. Change the ending, make it darker, make it lighter, set it on another planet, or whatever your heart desires.

4. Add your story to the Grimm Reaper, and we’ll publish it as part of this collection.

5. Right now, the plan is to accept all the reinvented fairy tales we get, as long as they’re nicely formatted and not riddled with typos.

6. We might make proofing suggestions, but we won’t make substantive edits to your work.

7. There are no length limits, but you may consider breaking up stories longer than 3,000 words into multiple installments.

8. There is no deadline. Submit whenever you think your story is ready.

We’ve already added some truly amazing writers to this publication, and we’d love to include even more. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to reading your stories! Here are a few to get you started:

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