The Frog Prince — Revised

Once upon a time, not so long ago, lived a princess. This princess had a golden ball she loved to play with. She bounced it in the castle, on the lane, in the fields. One day she bounced her golden ball by a stream, and ker-plunk, it plopped into the stream. The princess yelped, for the golden ball sank into the stream and disappeared.

A frog, sitting next to the stream croaked at her, “I can get your ball for you, but I’ll ask you a favor for the service.”

“No thanks,” said the princess. She took off her dress and dove into the chilly stream. She felt for the ball on the bottom, came up for breath, felt for the ball again, came up for breath.

“I can help,” said the frog.

“Think I’ve got it,” said the princess. Sure enough, the last try was the charm. She crawled onto the bank with her golden ball.

“Please,” said the frog. “I’m actually a handsome prince. If you’ll but kiss me I’ll return to my natural form.”

“Don’t be silly,” said the princess, putting her dress back on. When she was fully clothed she scooped up the frog in her hands. “A talking frog is much more interesting than some stupid prince.”

She took the frog home and kept him in the castle pond. She loved showing him to all her friends.

The. End.