FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT. Then when you think you have absolutely nothing more to give. All your energy has been exhausted and you just cannot go on. Remove the word can’t from your vocabulary and FIGHT some more. In this crazy misunderstood world of entrepreneurship you will have to never stop fighting.

I don’t care how full proof you think your business plan is. I do not care how great your new genius idea is. I do not care how bright you are or the people in your company are. You will have hardships. You will get knocked down from the high of starting your own business. Something is going to go wrong and you will be faced with adversity. How are you going to respond? Get up. Brush that shit off, and get to work. When you do not stop working you do not stop learning.

If you fail, you learn how to do something the wrong way. If you succeed right off the bat… God bless you. Regardless, do not stop working. Respond. Proceed with confidence and work your ass off. If you keep working and believing in yourself and your brand greatness will follow. The reason not everyone is successful, driving in foreign sports cars and dropping 50k on a dinner is because PEOPLE QUIT. WHEN YOU QUIT, YOU LOSE. Be resilient, bounce back, work your ass off even in the midst of doubt, and never look in the rear-view. Do that and you will find success in not only your business venture but in life!


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