Sh!t Happens

Your mindset in the business of entrepreneurship needs to first be positive and the be focused. We all know that in all aspects of life there are moments where “sh!t happens” and there is not much you can do to control it.

It is all about how you react to not only positive but negative situations because those can serve as a major impact on your life. When dealing with a negative situation that you can’t do anything about, you must develop a plan of attack to react and put your best foot forward. Positivity can make your life seem so much easier. If you remain positive in all situations, your reactions to them will in return better enhance whatever aspect of your life that is involved. Now remaining positive is only half the battle, you still have to take action here. If you continue to remain positive, that’s great however then nothing comes out of the situation if you do not act upon it. No matter what or who it is, when you or someone else makes a mistake to cause a negative situation, you learn.

Quite frankly, you learn a lot and often times that knowledge that you come across in just real life experiences, you learn much more valuable lessons. Lessons that are far more relevant to life then you will find burying your head in any chapter of a bullshit calculus class book then dive into hours of homework at a time and don’t seem to find any real purpose out of it. I’m tired of people wasting their time on what they don’t want to do. To me that’s just not living, that’s not what I want the legacy of my life to come to. I urge everyone out there from the freshmen in high school who has already started a semi-successful business to the 65 year old who still wants to chase their dream, to do it… I don’t like “what ifs” regarding any scenario. Find your passion, chase your dream. Then find a way to monetize it and create your future.


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