Getting Slack notifications when your Intelli does a dose

The Autogrow IntelliDose is an intelligent doser that maintains the EC and pH in your NFT system. Coupling this with the IntelliLink allows you to remotely access your NFT system from anywhere in the world via the IntelliGrow.

With this remote access comes the ability usermodto access the systems API, allowing all sorts of new integrations to be created. For this post we will show how to push a notification to slack anytime a pH or EC dose is done.

The first step is to add a webhook integration to your Slack (see here for more info). Then you should be given a long webhook link.

Now with the appropriate username and password we can integrate using the IntelliGrow client and a Slack webhook library:

As you can see we wait until a dose was detected, and when it was we record that. When the dose is finished then we notify about it, getting the latest reading for that type of dose and send the message to slack.