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I figured out how to make better looking subtitles.

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Nothing to talk about. Head down and grinding. We didn’t have a moped and are trying to save a little cash for trips to the Islands + back to BKK + to Bali + living in Bali all within the next 2 weeks, so every little bit counts.

One funny thing that happened was that Julie left her Sim card in Bangkok. Which is a annoying as hell because that means we can’t buy anything online as all my cards have been eaten/lost over the time I’ve been away from the UK.


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Thoughts of today

Still working to coming to terms with fulfilment over achievement. For those that don’t know, many leading psychologists and life coaches will tell you to that happiness comes from the journey and actually enjoying the progress, not to expect better things at the end of the tunnel.

This is something to do with expectation/achievement fallacy. In that, people will always tell themselves that they can ‘just do this’ then ‘when this happens’, ‘everything will be better’. Most of the time this will not be the case.

Having a formal Philosophy education, the biggest benefit I can draw from it was that it led me to hedonism. I now value happiness above anything else. It is my key life metric. Like, the metric to end all metrics. It’s wrong to assume that other metrics therefore don’t matter. Income (Financial stability + Freedom) + a bunch of other stuff all count. It’s literally an equation of life.

Oh good lord I love Mango

Business thoughts of today

The person in front of the business is everything, today. In a hyper-connected world.

End-users are valuing honestly above shitty sales gimmicks. People don’t mind being sold to, as long as they know they will value it. They don’t want to be suckered in with ‘urgency’ and all this other crap. Especially my generation and generation Z.

Personal brand now = brand but is not == to brand. In that, personal brands are now becoming the brand. But are not always equivalent to the brand itself. This would be Zuckerberg. Where its synonymous but the equivalent.

I think we are transitioning to where personal brand == brand. Where the brand will be people. Influencers, change makers, decision makers, activists, personalities. TV celebrities will die. The internet will create an ecosystem upon which anyone has a voice. The winners will be the Growth Hackers at first. That will then transition to those that provide true value.

True intrinsic value will become the core. It’s funny writing that, in reality that should be the core already. But it is not. Just the perceived value and how well the huxters can sell shit. Phonies, one may call it.

Day Stats

Total Work: 7hours

Total billable Work: 6 hours

Total Travel time: 0 Hours

Total signups on site: 495

Total FB group members: 325 (Stopped letting people in)

Total earned today: $300

Total spend today: $23

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