Get Experimental Mobile Notifications for Rio 2016

Photo by Eric Gay / AP

Over the next two weeks, beginning Friday August 5, the Guardian Mobile Innovation Lab will be sending out four types of experimental web notifications about the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

These alerts will arrive at different times and frequencies. You can receive:

Daily leaderboard: These notifications will arrive around 11:30 EST after the close of each day’s competition, and show the top three countries in the standings with their total number of gold, silver, and bronze medals won. Don’t worry about these waking you up, we’ve set them so they will not make noise or vibrate.

Real-time medal alerts: Sign up for real-time updates when countries you want to follow win gold, silver, or bronze. Note: The outcome of the Rio 2016 Games is anyone’s guess, so we can’t say just when or how often you’ll receive notifications. Also be aware that these alerts may contain spoilers!

**UPDATE: Sign up for as many countries as you want. There had been been a three country limit. We decided to remove it. **

Morale meter: We’ll send notifications either just before, or during a big event to poll people about who they’re rooting for or who they think will win.

Olympics quizzes: A Mobile Lab first! We’ll send quiz notifications to test your knowledge We’ll track your score and let you know how you ranked against other quiz takers.

Want to sign up? Web notifications are currently only available on Chrome, so if you have an Android mobile phone (Samsung, included!), sign up here.

Questions, suggestions or observations? Drop us a note:

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