Random thoughts on a Sunday morning

1) The other week Matt and I did some shopping at Whole Foods. You know us foolios don’t shop at da Whole Paycheck, but it was all very surreal and Stars Hollow-esque (Gilmore Girls allusion there) because everyone there was skinny and beautiful and there were musicians playing outside the store and it was so quaint and so dang pretty and THEY DO YOGA ON THE ROOF! Walking past all the Lexuses and Volvos I thought, “This is it. The liberal elite. We finally made it!” Then we got into our Corolla (still package-taped up!) and I thought, “Nevermind.”

2) Matt found groats at Whole Paycheck and is in love with them (or, the idea of them). They are like oatmeal, but on steroids. Or something. Athletes eat them and the groats (too close to “groin” for my liking) fuel them for hours. So Matt brought them into work, planning on making them, but they’re like steel-cut oats where you gotta cook ’em for a long while, and you know that boy only has a microwave. Fail.

3) I’ve been reminded lately that it’s up to us to make our own happiness, and I’m trying to be very deliberate in this, particularly regarding work. (It’s always work, isn’t it?) My wallpaper now says “My To-Do List: Count my blessings. Practice kindness. Let go of what I can’t control. Listen to my heart. Be productive yet calm. Just breathe.” I stole it off someone’s Facebook profile, and I know it’s hokey, but it really is quite good in its own way. I read it every time my work computer boots up.

4) Annie is almost a year old. Every time I look at her, or Matt, I realize this right here is where I’m meant to be. What a beautiful year.

5) Driving late the other night I plowed into a fox. At least I think it was a fox. My worst fear was that it was someone’s dog. It was really upsetting at the time and came out of nowhere, and there was on-coming traffic, so I couldn’t swerve. It happened so quickly there was no avoiding it. Matt and I were stunned and saddened, but what can you do? Which brings us to topic number six.

6) I really want a Subaru. My front bumper — due to the poor fox — is now severed in
 several areas and there’s only so much packaging tape can do…

7) And duct tape is just really trashy. I mean…I’m a lady.

8) Back to the Subaru (Outback or Forester). I love the cars aesthetically and I think it’ll be the perfect family car. Oh, oh, and the advertising. The advertising gets me every time. Oh, I just cry and cry. Who doesn’t adore all the dog ads? (There’s so many more on YouTube too.) But the ad that most recently gets me is this one (I cry to Matt and say, “We just have to get a Subaru It reminds me of us and it’s so beautiful and fdklaj;dkf “ (that’s when I start crying, all snotty and perusing the Subaru website):

9) When I hit the fox, we were coming home from a Halloween party at Matt’s parents’ place. Matt and I were trees and Annie was an owl.

10) Which brings me back to why I love Matt. He made that owl costume. Like, boy borrowed a sewing machine and made it. Here’s photographic evidence:

The artist hard at work.

11) But — on the other hand — he’s now obsessed with sewing and tailoring. He lost some weight in the last year and, I cannot make this up, took in his sweaters. He watched a YouTube tutorial and did it. This morning he said to me, “Those jeans of yours are a little stretched out; do you want me to take them in for you?” He got a raised eyebrow.

12) I prefer to shrink my jeans in the washer and dryer, thank you very much.

13) It’s the weekend. Happy Sunday all! I leave you with a terrific Sunday morning song to dance/clean/make breakfast to: