“A Non Story” (blurb)

The Lambwell family has a secret. Even Paige does not know the secret, and she’s part of the family. They’ve done an excellent job keeping it from her. Maybe that’s too generous. They’ve done an okay job keeping it from her. But memory charms are finicky.

Paige Lambwell is almost thirty. When she’s not waiting tables at the restaurant downstairs, she’s either writing or eating or in bed with her boyfriend (and trying very hard to stop her mind from wandering to other people). Her friends have all moved away or started families. She’s happy for them. Maybe. They got what they wanted. All Paige wants is to be a successful fantasy writer, but even writing is becoming difficult for her. She can’t focus.

It’s Hallowe’en. So Paige thinks her family might be joking when they tell her the truth, even though they aren’t the joking types. But the alternative is too gruesome, too unfair. If magic were real, Paige would have some, wouldn’t she?

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