The overview of my soon to be completed fiction novel, ‘PUNKS’!!!

“Leaning on a recently stolen, freshly stripped, red Cadillac Eldorado convertible, Gem tosses her long, auburn hair wildly before offering a toast….Welcome to the American underworld, Robbs, in its entire rancid, horrific splendor and we punks have the perfect soundtrack for the Empire’s demise!!”

South Street, Philadelphia back in the golden and glorious carnage that was the punk rock days of Philly!! Photo courtesy of the C.O.S Facebook page

Welcome to Philadelphia, 1985, where the post-apocalyptic feel of its industrial wasteland has consumed the city, leaving joblessness, helplessness, homelessness and massive, racial tensions in its wretched path. Out of the swill and misery, a new, anarchistic sound is rocking the scene and there’s a wild, street urchin brand of kids willing to show an avarice driven America the error of its ways, whether it likes it or not.

‘PUNKS’ follows the life of 19 year old, Gemma ‘Swan’ Stinson, a tenacious, former street kid, orphan, runaway, junkie and alcoholic who’s turned her catastrophic, young life around; becoming a brilliant college student, vigilant activist and hard-working punk rock busker whose blazing guitar talent and sultry voice leave her with the possibilities of an infinite dream life but never removes her far enough away from a nightmarish past.

An exceptionally tall, beautiful hellcat with long, deep auburn hair (when it’s not twirled into various ‘Warrior Spikes’ or dyed bright colors), piercing green eyes, and fingernails sharp as switchblades, Gem has the ferocity of a lioness, but also a simplicity and childlike innocence that will melt your heart.

Sketch courtesy of R. Cucarese

Gem’s undying devotion to railing against the injustices of a world grown colder and her wild, street punk family, the ‘Misfits’, is surpassed only by her feelings of true love for 18 year old college classmate and punk rock band mate, Robert ‘Robbs’ Cavelli.

A young, New York City expatriate with some baggage of his own, who now languishes in the boring, suburban existence of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Rob shares in Gem’s distaste for the current state of American politics, her love of the punk scene, and as he rebels against his overly conservative, ultra-religious, xenophobic upbringing, Rob cannot help but realize just how much he’s fallen for this madly opinionated girl fueling his ambitions to write and sing the songs that commit to their punk mantra of being “Punks for Life.”

Lovingly and painstakingly narrated from the teenage perspective of Rob, ‘PUNKS’ is an unrestrained, non-stop ride of humor and heartbreak, triumphs and tragedies with an outstanding supporting cast of characters who join Robbs and Gem through college life, the activist protests, and of course, the punk shows attended at venues like City Gardens, located deep in the rubble of a dying Trenton, the insanity of the Bowery and CBGB’s in New York City, or the turbulent nights of Philly’s underground punk scene where the two star struck lovers may have the chance encounter of jamming with punk royalty while hoping to make their own mark on the music world.

Will Rob and Gem be able to avoid the painful addictions and ghosts from Gem’s past, aligning to crush their dreams altogether, hurling Gem back towards her harrowing street life or will they emerge victorious, rolling the dice on life’s chances because when you’ve got nothing but each other and your friends, you’ve got nothing to lose.

City Gardens, ‘The Bunker of Punk’ in Trenton, NJ …the mosh pit and the infamous ‘Wall of Death’….oi, oi, oi!!


Well folks, the novel that was never going to happen because of insane work schedules, family commitments and a plethora of other excuses is close to becoming a reality.

Now comes the truly hard part, finding an agent and a publisher! Lol!

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Thanks to so many people throughout the years that have helped to make this novel happen. You know who you all are and I appreciate everything that you have done for me in life.

A big shout out to my supportive fam on ‘This Glorious Mess’ for your continued cheering on during my crazy adventure here!!

My biggest thanks goes to my wife, Jenn, for being the most ardent supporter anyone can have, my lioness who helps me to continually dream big (I adore you for the support that you have given to a person who was told by too many who were supposed to care, that I should just give up and put my childish dreams behind me)and to my five ‘littles’ who always want to know what dad’s up to at the ‘eye bleeding’ hours of 3, 5 and other ungodly hours of the morning!