Summary of The Wandering Cycle

I’ve always been fascinated by monsters cast in the wrong roles. To that end, I’m writing a five-part short story cycle about several of the most classic monsters cast in the “wrong” light.

Episode One: Pulling a Werewolf Con

Two monster hunters pretend to go werewolf slaying, but pull a con where they pretend to slay a werewolf instead.

Episode Two: Bereavement Counseling for Ghosts

The monster hunters from episode one collaborate with two ghost hunters to help a ghost, who’s suffering from survivor’s guilt or something similar, to a better place.

Episode Three: The Zombie Worker’s Union

The monster hunters from episode one work with a small town to meet some demands of a nearby zombie colony in order to improve the local economy.

Episode Four: The Vampire Miners and Blacksmiths Guild

From a desire to better integrate with society at large, a village of “teetotaler” vampires attempts to forge economic inroads in the area of mining and the working of metals.

Episode Five: Something to do with dragons

Haven’t thought this one through yet.

That’s the Basic Idea

I’ve got some of the episodes drafted. I’d love some feedback on them. Interested? Send me an email, if you’ve got my email address. If you need my email address, drop me a note with your email address.

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