How to Become Coachable: 5 Steps to Help You Trust the Process!

When was the last time that you truly trusted the process?

Melissa A. Matthews


Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

Have you ever made a conscious decision to suspend your disbelief?

As a facilitator and coach for small business owners, entrepreneurs and NGO leaders, ninety percent of my job is developing processes to help people graduate to the next level of their growth.

However, processes only work if they are used. The idiom “trust the process,” illustrates the starting line of any good facilitation or coaching relationship.

I’ve been facilitating and coaching for the better part of thirteen years. My business partner and I are quite good at building rapport and developing processes that allow people to make leaps. However, it often requires those people to commit to the process in order to work.

I’m not sure if it’s post-pandemic trauma — a lingering fear of what’s to come or what it is — but in the last few weeks, I’ve encountered a growing and pervasive resistance amongst clients to suspend their disbelief. It’s been mind boggling to observe people willfully deny the effectiveness of a process that they don’t understand whilst defiantly making no actual effort to understand it.