This One Trick Tells You Who Dies in Every Horror Movie

It used to be really easy to tell which characters would die in a horror movie. You could just identify Western narrative archetypes and you’d know who would be the final girl or boy.

These days, filmmakers are stomping all over tried and true genre conventions, leaving audiences uncomfortable and confused. Characters that are black, gay, potheads, and pet-owners can now live to the end of a scary movie. Is this real life? We can’t even watch a movie and feel safe knowing that our traditional values will be upheld.

So, you might be asking yourself, if a movie is breaking all of the rules, how am I supposed to know that the outcome will not uproot my thinking? How can I go into a movie and know exactly who will be rewarded for their purity and who will be punished for their lifestyle? Well, I have one simple hack that will give you all the answers 100% of the time.

Just use the super simple infographic below to figure out who dies! Easy breezy.