Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte to Star in April Fool’s Day Remake

12-time Olympic medalist and former reality TV star, Ryan Lochte, has signed on to a reboot of the horror film that fooled us into believing the worst had happened.

Ryan Lochte, best known as a leading American swimmer, was thrilled by the opportunity to play the ultimate prank in the upcoming remake of the 1986 slasher movie, April Fool’s Day. Lochte assembled some words about the news: “I mean, I’m just like, yeah…I’m so full of energy for, like, everything. And this movie too. People, the people watching the movie, will be super super surprised when they find out I, or like my character, right? Like my character was totally doing one thing and then not doing what you think I’m doing, you know?”

“This casting is a stroke of genius,” commented the film’s Executive Producer, Ted Havener. “I can’t imagine anyone more perfect for the role of the prankster fool. He’ll be able to draw on so many real life experiences to truly capture the spirit of his character. Audiences will have a difficult time sussing out the truth until the final shocking moments.”

This will be the second remake of April Fool’s Day, a film that effectively lied to audiences throughout its runtime, leading up to an unexpected twist ending. The casting of Ryan Lochte all but suggests similar tactics will be employed to exaggerate danger and create excitement. Shooting will begin on location in Rio de Janeiro later this year.

As expected from a camera-friendly athlete, Ryan Lochte enthusiastically provided additional comments about his role in the upcoming film. However, those that were intelligible were unfortunately not fit to publish as the claims could not be substantiated.