32 Horror Movies That Feature Slight To Severe Misogyny And/Or Sex Murder But Are Worth Watching Anyway

by Alexandra Molotkow


32. The Wicker Man (2006)
 Camp classic!

31. City of the Living Dead

30. I Know What You Did Last Summere
 SMG dies! (JLH survives)

29. Urban Legend
 Includes the murder of a sexually active goth babe.

28. The Bird With the Crystal Plumage
 Vagina dentata!

27. Last Stop on the Night Train
 Last House on the Left, on a train! (And not as good.)

26. Savage Streets
 Linda Blair with a crossbow.

25. Wolf Creek
 “Head on a stick.”

24. Tetsuo: The Iron Man
 Don’t date an iron man!

23. Videodrome

22. Stage Fright (1987)
 Stylish as heck.

21. House on the Edge of the Park
 David Hess.

20. The Virgin Spring

19. Dagon
 Thirsty beast.

18. Re-Animator
 Yes the head scene.

17. Deadgirl
 Teenage boys: evil as fuck.

16. House of A Thousand Corpses
 Pretty boss.

15. The Devil’s Rejects
 Really boss!

14. The Evil Dead
 Yes the tree scene.

13. Suspiria
 “I like women, especially beautiful ones. If they have a good face and figure, I would much prefer to watch them being murdered than an ugly girl or man.” — Dario Argento

12. Black Christmas (1974)
 Classic slasher and at least the second film on this list to have been filmed at my alma mater.

11. Jacob’s Ladder
 Second wives: so evil!

10. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
 Michael Rooker.

9. Hitch-Hike
 David Hess.

8. Ms. 45
 Zoë Tamerlis Lund.

7. Scream

6. Inside
 Controversial choice.

5.Maniac (1980)

Irresistibly unforgivable!

 Michael Rooker.

3. Man Bites Dog
 Just a really good movie.

2. Last House on the Left (1972)
 David Hess.

1. Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

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