Booster Chair

A Café for Emerging Toddlers

This is a Peanut-Free facility



Fruit Smoothies $25
(Strawberry and Banana, Blueberry and Peach)
Our smoothies, carefully crafted with breast milk from locally sourced prescreened nursing mothers (with an IQ of 135 or more), are the ultimate elixir for vegan toddlers.

Roasted Kale Chips sprinkled with Sea Salt $24
It’s never too early to familiarize your child with the many nutritious wonders of Kale and to initiate a family discussion on the importance of seasonal detoxing.

Wheat Germ crusted baked organic CSA approved squash $22
Even toddlers have free radicals in need of neutralization. Neutralize them with antioxidants while supporting the sustainable agricultural movement.


Sliced and Baked Organic Wild Salmon $45
Salmon is the gateway food to the Ivies. Filled with Omega-3 fats which enhance your child’s brain development while also reducing their potential risk of needing antidepressants.

Quinoa Casserole topped with yogurt $35
Starve off childhood obesity with a protein packed, non-GMO, and gluten free super food casserole known to improve metabolic health. (Vegan option available)

Baked Turmeric Tofu covered in Amagansett Seaweed $50
Substitute vaccinations with this dish rich in healing properties.


Almond Cream topped with Melatonin Sprinkles $35
Toss aside the Adderall and ease your child into a peaceful state with a non-dairy dessert doused with a natural sleeping aid.

Gender Neutral Spelt Cupcakes $25
Spelt might be hormone friendly, but these cupcakes frosted in yellow and green soy icing are ideal for all genders.

Gluten, Sugar, and Dairy-Free Carob Brownies $18
Before your child is able to communicate with their peers, convince them this tastes as good as a real brownie, and help to eradicate their sugar dependence and addiction


Filtered water enhanced with Handpicked Medicinal Herbs $20
Lower your toddler’s stress rate and beef up their immune system with this non-FDA approved herbal supplement water.

Beet Juice $28
You won’t find this in a juice box. A sip of beet juice has been proven to possibly raise a child’s IQ and sense of empathy.

For Parents: Artisanal locally distilled whiskey bourbon with organic ice $42
Looking to take the edge off as you change your twentieth eco-friendly diaper of the day? Order two of these.

Alison is a freelance writer and author of guidebooks, children’s books, and plays. You can find her at and on Twitter @cityweekendsnyc.