Carrie Should Have Ended Up With The Irish Doorman Samantha Sleeps With In Episode Three

(Carrie from “Sex and the City.”)


At the end of “Sex and the City”’s televised run, Carrie Bradshaw ends up with her on-again-off-again town-car boyfriend Big, even though he was terrible and only ever nice to her twice: after he had open-heart surgery and when he retrieved her from Paris after Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte told him to “go get our girl.” That’s wrong. She should have ended up with Tommy, the Irish doorman Samantha sleeps with in episode three.

Samantha met Tommy, Charlotte’s doorman, after she drank too much at a party where everyone was part of a couple and had to be taken to Charlotte’s apartment to sleep and sober up. She woke up halfway through the night, still drunk, and wandered downstairs to seduce Tommy with no clothes on. Why wouldn’t she?!? Tommy seems great.

Here’s what Tommy said after he ran into Charlotte after having sex with Samantha:

[IRISH ACCENT] “Don’t be scared, miss. It’s me, Tommy. I’m leaving. Your friend invited me up. I know it was wrong, but I’ve just been so lonely since I left home and I wanted the feel of a woman’s touch…on me.

That Charlotte didn’t give Tommy her friend Carrie’s number immediately is 100% on Charlotte. That’s a bad friend. She could have saved Carrie a lot of Aidan.

The actor who plays Tommy’s name is Karl Geary and he lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter, apparently, but that’s where I live and I’ve never seem him so who knows.

Should she have ended up with Tommy rather than Big? Let’s see.



In episode two, “Models and Mortals,” Big runs into Carrie while he’s on a date with a model and he tells her that he’d started reading her columns. “You did?” she asks. “Yeah…cute,” he says. “Cute,” says Carrie. “Well — yeah, cute,” says Big.

What the fuck does Big even do and why is he always at media parties? Get a life.


Tommy is hot and nice.



Oh my god. Remember when Big came back from Paris — after considering moving there for a year without even discussing it with Carrie — and Carrie came to his apartment with McDonalds to apologize (oh brother) for being upset that he hadn’t considered her in his Paris plans? And she told him that she could move there with him for a little while, if necessary, and write her column from Paris? And he was so rude? And he was like, “But — you’d be moving to Paris for yourself, right?” And she was like uh, no. And he was like, “I’m just saying. I don’t want you to uproot your life and expect anything.” And she threw a Filet-O-Fish® at the TV? And she was like, “I’M SUCH AN IDIOT! YOU DON’T EVEN CARE IF I’M IN YOUR LIFE!” She was right!!!! He didn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tommy has an extremely cute accent.



Big wouldn’t introduce Carrie to his mom. Oh my god, and remember when Big and Carrie were in a restaurant and Big wanted to smoke a cigar but smoking wasn’t allowed so he asked everyone in the restaurant if they’d mind if he smoked his cigar? And they all said no, they didn’t mind, because who would say yes? He put them all in a very awkward place? So he smoked his cigar in the restaurant? JUST SMOKE YOUR CIGAR LATER!!!!!!!!!


Tommy smoked a cigarette outside and looked very hot while he did it.





After Charlotte told Tommy to leave her apartment he held the bathroom door open for her because he’s a doorman. :)

OK, adding it all up it looks like Carrie should have ended up with:

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