Daria, “The Lost Girls”

Yesterday I lay down on my couch and listened to the second episode of Doree Shafrir’s podcast, “Rerun,” where she invites guests to discuss their favorite episodes of televion shows. Aminatou Sou talked about “The Lost Girls,” which is one of the best episodes of Daria EVER; on my official rating scale, it’s third best. If you haven’t seen it, you should, the sooner the better; as Aminatou and Doree point out, someone at MTV must’ve really hated Jane Pratt to create such a brutal fictionalized version of her. The episode also features two of Daria’s best monotone monologues ever, one where she explains the concept of “edgy” and another when she calls Jane — sorry, “Val” — out for the shallow values of her teen publication, also called “Val.” Listen to this, then watch the episode, then meet me back here to discuss. I’m still on my couch.