Friends Who Menstruate Together Stay Together

The stress of being a woman never ends. Whether you’re finding the right lip shade to match the hell you are quietly feeling inside, or you’re arguing for your humanity on issues like equal pay and reproductive rights, any day in a female body is one marked by near-constant pain and antagonism inflicted by the world and its sexist institutions. And then there is menstruation. Yes, on any given day of the month, anywhere in the world, blood very literally pours freely out of women’s vaginas. How are those who suffer from the slights of womanhood expected to maintain even a modicum of sanity? With a new artistic development in tampon design debuting for you right here, women can at the very least suffer together — now, more than ever.

Finally. Finally!! FINALLLLYYYYYYY oh my god finally. Finally there is a single string connecting two tampons, the product every woman and her BFFAEAEAEAE have always needed; as we know, because science, women who share a deep and profoundly complex emotional connection always shed their uterine linings at the same time of the month.

In an interview with Dayna Evans at The Cut, the creator of this genius product, Kat Thek, describes the endless possibilities: “bridal showers, corporate team-building events, and assorted Lilith Fairs.” Sign me up for all of these, I love female bonding, I am a notorious female bonder and will bond with any woman over menstrual blood any day.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I shared this product with Alex and she had a very negative reaction to the concept!! But that’s ok, because every bleeding uterus is perfect and beautiful in its own way, even if the blood isn’t being absorbed by a small tube of cotton linked by thread to another woman’s small tube of cotton.

I think I have to lie down now.